Thursday, February 04, 2010

a little bit of this and a little bit of that

I'm watching Salina, Rafer Johnson, and Redford marching down the hill in the front field. Since the snow, I've kept them separate from the geldings to avoid the possibility of a herd run. Although the snow is melting, it's probably the muddiest it's ever been here, and there are places where the footing is very slippery.

I can't stand keeping them in, though, so the geldings go out back and Salina and her donkeys go to the front, and at least they are moving and doing their usual routine to that degree.

Yesterday while I was mucking the bare paddock (which was a huge mess) my daughter took each horse individually into the arena and hand-walked for ten minutes. The arena is nearly clear now, except at the end by the woods, and I figured it would be good for muscles and joints for the horses to get in a little focused movement on footing they didn't sink into.

They seemed to enjoy the break from mud.

There's still quite a bit of snow scattered in patches, and it remains heavy all along the forested edge of our property, even after yesterday's sunshine and 52 degree temp. Today we'll warm up again but it's cloudy, in anticipation of snow, freezing rain, and rain tomorrow. Sigh.

We seem to be locked into a pattern of two days sun, and then some form of precipitation that undoes any drying out progress.

Meanwhile, I lost track of the 700th post, which I was going to make special, given it was the seventh hundred and my favorite number is 7.

I like 8 pretty well too, so I'll try again when that one rolls around.

On other fronts I'm 4 days into the herbal regime and thus far doing okay. I had one brief spell of woozy head, a short bout of achy knees (could have been the weather, not sure), and a headache one morning. Although I'm still struggling a bit with the notion of no bread, processed sugar, starchy foods, or anything fermented, I also noticed this morning that when my husband accidentally put sugar in my coffee (we had run out of half and half, so he used milk and a little sugar) I couldn't drink it.

I'm not a fan of sugar in coffee anyway, but the taste of the sugar was actually repulsive. It makes me wonder how our taste buds are affected by the amount of sugar and other flavorings we get when we eat most processed foods.

Hopefully going completely without will make it easy for me to be very careful what I add back in, when I can.

I've noticed a surge in energy this week. It comes and goes, in between the above side effects of the yeast die-off, but it's definitely present and has caused me to stop and think - now, right now I feel like my old self.

Right as I finish this first two weeks, I'll be hosting writing group, and that will be a great way to celebrate the end of the limitations and the move to stage two of the supplements.

Last month's writing group meeting was probably the single most inspiring time I've had with reference to writing since my last retreat, and I'm looking forward to another shot of that this month.

Lots of new and exciting things in process with that - will post about them soon.


Grey Horse Matters said...

We've probably got the same weather pattern as you do and I can say I've got some very bored horses. Some of them don't even want to go out in the morning. They do it anyway but under protest.

Your writing group sounds like it will be a great distraction from this month's weather and I'm sure it will be inspiring too.

I hope that you are feeling yourself soon after these two weeks of taking the supplements. I'm not a big fan of things like that, I guess in my old age I'm a little skeptical of taking new directions in lifestyle changes. I basically try to stick to a sensible well-rounded diet and exercise. Good luck with what you are doing though.

billie said...

Thanks, Arlene. Interestingly, after writing this morning's post, I went out to the barn and ended up getting bowled over by Cody when the pony charged into the stall with us. I am usually very aware of what I'm doing when I'm opening stalls up after breakfast, but I had left the back door open (which I rarely do) and then really wasn't watching who was where.

I have a nasty bruise on one arm and a weird head - though nothing abnormal or indicative of serious head injury at this point. Husband en route to home so we can go get it checked out if anything worsens.

Not my idea of how to start the day. :/

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope everything is okay. Accidents happen but it doesn't sound like you're 'banging on all cylinders' as they say. If your head feels weirder I'd get it checked out by a doctor. I'm sure it has nothing to do with your lifestyle changes but it's always good to get an opinion from a medical doctor (even if you don't like them). I've got to stop now, I feel like I'm talking to J.

billie said...

Arlene, I think I'm a bit air-headed due to the yeast stuff, but then again, I've not paid close attention at times for no good reason except slackness, so can't necessarily blame the herbs!

Husband is home. I'm feeling pretty much normal now, but he's a good observer (son of two doctors) so I'm sure if anything odd comes up he'll spirit me away to the ER. :)

I did take Arnica, and am sure that's helping.

My mom would say go to the hospital - but I'm not calling her until it's all over!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad you're in good hands. J. never tells me half the stuff she's going through until it's over either. I always tell her I'm waiting for the 'Mother Ship' to come and get her some day, because she is so unlike all my other kids. Feel better.

billie said...

Arlene, that is hilarious b/c my parents often said the same thing about me! Exactly! :0

Maybe J. and I are "Sisters From Another Planet." LOL!

jme said...

wow, yikes! hope you're feeling better now and the weather gives you a break so you can take it easy for a few days!

i've had the same experience with banning sugar, bread, etc. after a while you don't miss it and everything tastes too sweet. i've added back a little for special stuff and switched to whole grains, but i must have gone a good 6 months without any sugar or bread/pasta. not easy, but it did me some good. hope it's working for you.

and if the mother ship ever returns, i'm sure you and i will be rounded up first ;-)

billie said...

j, rain tomorrow - ugh - but hopefully nothing more. the mother ship is welcome to beam down some instant healing - LOL!

Greta said...

I've not been on the computer much (I hate dial-up)but am getting back into the swing of things. Enjoyed the horse and food combo today!

Let me know when the ground dries up. I'd like to spend some time with the herd. I promise not to start a stampede!

billie said...

Hi, Greta... I'm guessing maybe in a year or so? :)

If we could get even 3 days with sun and no rain/precip we'd be on our way, but it doesn't look like that's on the agenda for yet another week.

Probably when it's dry for you it'll be dry for us!

Michelle said...

Wow, you have a lot going on up there! First, I want to say congrats on surpassing your 700th post! That's quite a feat and very impressive. Glad things are going well on the herbs. I finally sent Grady's sample off and will be doing one for myself in the near future. I can't wait to hopefully get him sorted out! I don't know how well I'd do, though. Carbs are my downfall and I struggle with cutting out breads and starches. I think you're right though - something about those foods creates a type of addiction and you find your tolerance level increasing - at least for me.

How are you feeling today? No further worries from your mishap yesterday?

billie said...

Thanks, Michelle, and please keep me posted about how Grady (and you) do with Patsy's recommendations.

I am feeling good overall, and this morning, a bit thick in the head (literally, not figuratively!) and sore through my neck and shoulders, which I expected. That whole day-after muscle thing is kicked in now.

I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be getting back to normal.