Thursday, July 09, 2009

a long-awaited rainy day and quiet

I woke up to some rain this a.m. and was so happy to hear it. Even with the small rain we got last week everything has been dry. It's so dark out right now I have my desk lamp on!

Now if we can get more as the day goes on.

Dickens is hunkered down at the base of a tree in the front field. I'm not sure if he's guarding something he caught, monitoring something he's chased up the tree, or posting himself as a deterrent to the Cat Next Door, who sometimes crosses our field to get to the woods.

Moomintroll and Mystic are on the front porch, and the sisters are inside sleeping.

The Corgis are alternating between lying in the damp and coming in to sleep, and the horses and donkeys are in the barn munching hay after a night out on the pasture.

It's such a quiet day in this moment. The only sound is my typing.

It's rare for all the creatures who live here, including the humans, to be so quiet all at once.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can. Glad you're getting some wet stuff.

billie said...

I think we got about half an inch last night, and it *looks* like there might be some more to come. We could use another inch, although I will happily slog around in the mud if we get more.