Sunday, July 12, 2009

honest scrap award

Wendy over at HorseAdventures gave me this award - thanks, Wendy! Her blog is a daily read, and I hope you'll head over and see what she's up to.

Now for the 10 Honest Things:

1. I am in the middle of a fairly major indoor clean up. My garret has been neglected for half a year, and somehow moving to a new writing project lit a fire under me to get the garret cleaned and organized. Lest you think this is not a legitimate "honest thing," I'll add that I am dealing with some dried spots of cat pee, dead ladybugs, many cobwebs, and dust that has incorporated itself into the furniture.

2. The entire barn is a continuous cob web right now. I tell myself it is cheap, natural, fly control, but alas, I need to deal with it soon.

3. My favorite alcoholic drink used to be Pernod. I haven't had it in awhile, but I can taste the anise in my mouth just thinking about it. Surprisingly it's good mixed with either orange juice or cranberry juice.

4. We are battling fleas at the moment. Only two of the animals are sensitive, but I'm trying not to use Advantage and although the alternatives are much less expensive, they are incredibly time-consuming.

5. I have not ridden at all in the month of July. Sigh. But I am doing yoga almost every day.

6. Adorable little Redford kicked the dear husband 3x today! We are hitting that point of little donkey jack attitude, and will have to manage it wisely until cool weather returns. :)

7. I have all the fun blogging about horses and donkeys and cats and Corgis - BUT - I have a husband, son, and daughter who are involved on a daily basis with the care and feeding of all of the above. I am very lucky.

8. We have a luscious, organically raised beef barbecue slow-cooking in the oven. And organic green beans to go with it. But husband and I ate lunch from the Taco Bell drive-through and then headed off on our childless Sunday afternoon (they are at my mom's house) to explore a never-traveled road.

9. About every other month, during a certain time of said month, I indulge in Lay's potato chips and French onion dip made with Lipton's soup mix and full-fat sour cream.

10. I will almost always choose salty over sweet. (see above)

Nearly everyone imaginable has already received this award! If you want it, and you're visiting here, I hereby hand it over and invite you to share some things on YOUR blog. Don't forget to let me know so I can come congratulate you and read your 10 honest things.

Thanks again, Wendy!!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations on your award. Nice to find out some new things about you.

I can never decide between ice cream or chips but I like Wise better than Lays and the package of green onion Wise dip with sour cream is a favorite snack.(That I need to stay away from).

As for cleaning the garret, well if you don't get to it all just remember dust and ladybugs add to the character and ambiance of the place!

horseadventures said...

Welcome, billie - love the facts...I only do yoga when I'm riding, because it keeps me from being so sore, and helps me stay straight and balanced, but when I'm not riding regularly (and I know this is kinda silly) I think: what's the point...I'll dig ditches.

I also find that cleaning and rearranging things helps me focus on a writing project, and sometimes the cleaning project mirrors something about the writing project.

Best! Wendy

billie said...

Arlene, the Ben and Jerry's sometimes calls to me too. :)

billie said...

Thanks, Wendy! It was fun coming up with the 10 things.

Matthew said...

Thank you for the kind words on (7).

I feel very lucky to have such a creative and expressive person as you in my life!

billie said...

Me, too, Matthew! :)

deborah said...

"garret"?! i can't remember the last time i have read the word...
isn't it fun to have fast food now & then? i swear eating good, home-cooked food most of the time makes the fast food items taste better. perhaps it's the guilt factor...
maybesomeday a video posted of the big bad boys romping in the pasture?

billie said...

Deborah, the garret is my writing room, which has now been transformed into my sandplay studio... when I brought my sand trays and miniature collection home from my therapy office.

It has a sloped ceiling and is a darkish green, has built-in shelves behind the door, and for whatever reason, the moment I saw it, it was a garret! :)

I should have gotten the geldings on video this a.m. - Keil Bay, especially, was just stunning.

If you troll back through the archives - last summer, I believe it was - there are a few videos of daughter with her pony doing groundwork and also of Rafer Johnson jumping.

I often can't stop watching long enough to even think of videoing - if only I could just hook my eyes up to a camera...!