Monday, July 13, 2009

dark skies, thunder, RAIN, and gorgeous geldings

When I went to bed last night there was a chance of rain, wind, and hail - we got lightning and thunder and maybe 24 drops of rain.

This morning, though, the weather radar showed a pretty intense storm band moving in, and the wind whipped up, the thunder boomed, and we finally, thankfully, got a steady, soaking rain that lasted several hours. Everyone around here needed it.

By the time my son and I went out to feed breakfast and get chores done, the intense weather had moved on and we were left with a light sprinkling.

It's been awhile since we had a rainy day like this, and I decided my son should take the geldings into the arena so they could get some exercise, clean their feet out, and give me room to get their stalls set up.

I was thrilled to see them immediately go into big, beautiful movement mode. Cody looked fabulous, Keil Bay was moving so well I wanted to stand up on the picnic table, put his saddle on, and sail onto his back during the extended trot sequences. (the bucking bits I could do without!)

The pony too was doing his fancy stuff, and they had a good time. Galloping, flying changes, big trots, rearing and bucking, head tossing. I don't think my son has experienced that in a long time, and he could barely keep the smile off his face.

Big, beautiful, exuberant horses offer JOY.


ponymaid said...

Emmmm, Billie, where were my nephews while the big boys put on their show? I can only imagine they refused to leave their supervisory positions (you know the donkey work ethic - the woman calls it extreme busybodyness). I hope R&R continue to hone their airs above the ground for the Extreme Donkey Dressage Challenge - I suggest we hold it at Dougie's house.

billie said...

Rafer Johnson was in the barn steadfastly refusing to get wet, and Redford was enjoying the round bale - it's under a hanging tarp right now so he figured why stand in the barn and stay bone dry when you can eat under a big umbrella?

They had a big night last night - lightning and thunder - and I saw them running in the barnyard (even though they had their usual full access to the barn!

Donkey Dressage in Scotland! I think that's a grand idea.

Dougie Donk said...

Oooh, if you can time your visit for next June, we could stage an event at the Royal Highland Show!

Despite the title, this is actually staged on a showground very close to Edinburgh airport, which would ease your travel arrangements. AND - this will please Sheaffer - there is a mansion house on the site. I'm sure we could arrange accomodation there, so I will et the woman onto it immediately :)

billie said...

Dougie, one of my current travel dreams is to come spend time in Scotland.

If only teleportation were perfected - I would be there right now, doing my yoga by some standing stones. :)

the7msn said...

Even big, beautiful exhuberant horse puppets offer joy - I read this article today about War Hourse and thought you might enjoy it: