Saturday, July 04, 2009

fireworks 2009

We had called neighbors to determine who would be setting off fireworks tonight - one neighbor down the lane (2 houses down) and another up at the top, through the woods. We fed early so there wouldn't be stress while eating dinner, and turned the horses and donkeys out back. I took a chair out, a small glass of Rescue Remedy tincture, a little syringe, and proceeded to give everyone a dose.

Redford declined; I think the little syringe looked too much like the shot he got in the spring! Dickens (cowboy cat extraordinaire) wanted a dose, so he got one too.

At one point there were fireworks going on both sides. Salina went on high alert, pacing the fence line. The donkeys followed because of course they're her guardians! Keil Bay went in and paced with her for awhile, and the pony trotted in during the particularly loud parts.

Cody was in the bottom of the back field happily grazing for most of the action. He cantered in two times when there was a series of extremely loud booms. My daughter delivered a glass of wine, and she and my husband joined me to sit out the noise.

Once things quieted down, the geldings went back out. Salina stopped pacing but she was still on guard when I came in, flanked by her donkey boys. I left hay all along the paddock so they can munch until they decide to head out to join the geldings.

And now, the cicadas are back to full volume. A much nicer celebration of the 4th of July, imo. I prefer the celebration of independence to be the quieter sort. :)


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm glad to say the fireworks are over here now too. Everyone took it in stride, probably because they are so used to having thunderstorms everyday for a month. Anyway, the glass of wine and relaxing to the cicada's music.

Grey Horse Matters said...

(finish sentence, I was pretty tired last night)
sounds like a nice end to the day.

billie said...

Thanks, Arlene, I think I was just tired enough myself not to even notice!

Anonymous said...

billie, was the glass of wine for the horses or g.h.m.?
what is the rescue remedy and can i get a shot to sometime?
:] deb

billie said...

LOL - the wine was for ME! :)

Rescue Remedy is a wonderful blend of Bach's Flower Essences - actually for human use but it works well for animals too. We used it a lot when my children were young - they would get an owie and come running, saying "mom, I need to be Rescued!"