Monday, May 11, 2009

you can email the USEA here

I just did, after reading from what I consider a reliable source that Mark Phillips, in response to a barn worker's distress over Bailey Wick's death this past weekend, said:

"Toughen up, Cupcake."

USEA contact page

And while you're at it, email the USEF too.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Nice, what a prince.

billie said...

That's a kinder way of putting it than what I'm thinking, Arlene!

Or perhaps more subtle.

For anyone who doesn't know, Mark Phillips has a contract with the USEF where he serves as the eventing coach for the US team. He also does cross-country course design.

FjordWoman said...

What a sexist b*****d!
The USEA will hopefully get an earful over this!

billie said...

I hope they do - as of this afternoon, I have received no response to my emails to the USEA or the USEF. I hope it's because they have been overwhelmed with complaints.