Wednesday, May 20, 2009

missed photo ops

My husband asked this week why I wasn't taking pictures lately for the blog. I have no good answer. The camera is sitting right here on my desk, easy to grab as I head out the back door. I think I've just been so focused on other things I've gotten out of the habit.

But of course with all the goings-on here there are hundreds of photo ops each day. I missed getting the donkeys and Salina getting trims this week. There was one particular span of time when Salina was getting hind feet done in the grass paddock, Redford was facing B. and you could just see in his eyes he was thinking about taking B's cowboy hat off and running with it, and Rafer Johnson was looking over B's shoulder, pondering the trimming tools and now and then resting his head on B's shoulder.

There is no photo of Redford getting a little antsy during his trim and Rafer Johnson marching over to stick his nose in Redford's face as if to say: just stand still and it will be over soon! No image of Rafer Johnson standing with his head low, making happy donkey snorts while B. trimmed his feet. (for that one we'd need audio as well!)

I also missed Keil Bay and Cody taking turns lying down to sleep while awaiting their trims. That is just how relaxed they are about the hoof stuff. I am probably GLAD I missed Keil Bay taking B's empty shirt pocket in his teeth and pulling when he found it empty of the alfalfa cookies B. gives them after their feet are done.

There have been at least two memorable sunsets this week that I enjoyed but did not photograph. A number of our rose bushes are laden with flowers, and we are lucky again this year of plentiful rain to have the wildflower meadow stretching out alongside the driveway.

Today I missed shots of the pony helping me put out the fly predators (something about the way he was using his muzzle to check out the package made me think of him inside the house with a dust cloth, cleaning away), and I missed the two redtails who went shrieking over the barn as though on a mission.

It's probably not necessary to say that in fact I missed none of these images - but it would have been fun to also share them here! Maybe tomorrow I'll remember to take it out.


ponymaid said...

Billie, your words are every bit as visual as photos. Thank goodness, because it gives me a retreat from the madness in my own world.

Yrs in chaos,

billie said...

Thank you, Sheaffer. I'm happy to read that you can see these things from the words. :)

Anonymous said...

awards go to the most patient mr b.!

billie said...

B. has the patience of a saint, there's no doubt. But he also loves the interactions and always remarks on how personable our horses/donkeys are, which is nice to hear.