Thursday, May 07, 2009

oh, dear, I forgot the best part!!

I was so caught up in replaying the vet visit I forgot what happened BEFORE.

We were out in the barn trying to get everything straightened up and ready so that horses could relax after their shot, etc.

We're fortunate in that our barn is set up so that on one side the geldings can go in and out of stalls to shelter to paddock, and on the other, the donkeys and Salina can go in and out of one stall to another paddock. There's one stall that doesn't have a back door, and we use that one as a dental stall for floating, and today it was a great place for the pony to "wake up" from his sedation.

We close the gates to the field and the horses are close but still able to move around, munch on hay, etc. while awaiting their turn with the vet.

So, I had asked my daughter to put halters on so it would be quick and easy to get them one by one when the vet arrived. She had that done in short order.

A little bit later I was heading out to the round bale to get a barrow full of hay, and I saw Redford running out the back door of the stall, bare-headed, with Rafer Johnson's halter in his mouth, chasing Rafer Johnson, also bare-headed!

Those donkeys managed to get both their halters off and then Redford was trying to put Rafer's back on!

That got me laughing and I feel sure was a big step in my not having anxiety today.

Thank you, donkey boys!


ponymaid said...

Do you know, every time I read about Team R&R they have upped the sheer clever donkey-ness in their young lives. Those boys make me proud to be a fellow donkey. Now Jack wishes he had thought of the same halter removal tactic before the "vitinary" arrived. Next time.

billie said...

Sheaffer, they are a wellspring of cleverness and fun.

I have to say, sometimes these two 'young sprogs' remind me of you and Jack. Yesterday, Redford was on a tear after Rafer with the halter jangling in his little teeth, and it was Jack's voice I heard: I'm gonna halter you up, boy!

Never mind that Rafer is the older one here!

We are all very happy to be a day past the vet visit, I assure you.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Those two donkey boys are hilarious. They certainly are a great source of amusement.
I read your other post and am glad that everything went well with the vet.
Have a great weekend.

Dougie Donk said...

Oh my, how do they work it out?

Before I gave into electric fencing for restricted grazing, Tammy pony wore a grass muzzle to help control her laminitis, but still let her have some freedom to roam.

I never could work out how she managed to remove it every day, with all the buckles on the headcollar still fastened. Then I drove past one lunchtime & saw 17.2 Flynn carefully taking hold of the headpiece & ever so gently easing it up over her ears!

We have a lot to learn about mutual co-operation :)

billie said...

Thanks, Arlene. It is pretty much nonstop cuteness and/or hilarity with the boys.

Even Cody and Keil Bay got their bit in - as they were waiting their turns, they went out to the trough and managed to lure the vet and her tech out to see what in the world they were doing. Keil was using his hoof to splash water from the trough, while Cody got as close to Keil as he could so that he too could share the bath.

Then Cody bit the pony on the butt (over the stall door) while the pony was getting his ear cleaned out.

Never a dull moment in this herd of clowns!

billie said...

That is so funny about Tammy and Flynn! A pony at the stable where my kids first rode used to have his own personal helper in the herd to take his muzzle off - the staff said they never could figure it out, so they hid one evening and watched. The bigger horse waited behind some trees for the pony and he did the same thing. Lifted it off with his teeth.

No one can say equines aren't smart cookies!

Victoria Cummings said...

I'm glad that the boys' antics helped ease your anxiety. I never used to worry about the vet coming for a routine visit until Siete had a bad time. This year, I was dreading it and trying so hard not to let the horses pick up on my nervousness, being the emotional magnets that they are. The vet had to draw blood and give Siete her shots, so she asked me to get a small bucket of feed and let Siete eat while she did what she needed to do with the needles. Siete barely noticed what was going on, she was so happy to be getting an extra meal. It's so good to read that Salina is doing well and that everyone is healthy at your barn.

billie said...

Victoria, you're so right - it only takes one difficult time to get one's nerves on edge. The last two vet visits my husband dealt with, as I felt I would transmit my anxiety to the entire herd.

I stayed inside and visualized water flowing!

It was time to get back to the norm, though, and thank goodness, everyone was mostly on the same wavelength. :) The pony was just being... himself. :)

Janet Roper said...

Donkey Halter Tag! Don't you just love it: how the animals are so secure in their own beings they are willing to share their joy with us humans?

billie said...

LOL - that's a great name for it. It was such a hoot seeing the two of them.

I found a dressage whip in the grass paddock today - I am starting to wonder if Redford isn't trying to train the herd when we're not out there!

Victoria Cummings said...

Happy Mother's Day, Billie! I hope it's a beautiful in North Carolina as it is up here today - do something that you love to do, you deserve it!

billie said...

Thank you, Victoria - you too!

We had a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon after a very hot day, and then Redford took himself on a small tour of the neighboring property last night, so when I woke up this morning to a cool 70 degrees, even though it's a bit soggy and not exactly sunny, I was relieved.

I'm hoping this upcoming week of highs in the 70s, post vet visit, gets me back into my riding schedule with the Big Bay. And my Nutrition as a Therapy class starts tomorrow, so I'll be as happy as a clam to dig into that. :)