Monday, May 25, 2009

addendum from billie

If you enjoy reading about the donkeys and seeing their photos, you will LOVE Sheaffer's blog.

You may also visit Primrose Donkey Sanctuary online and can send donations to:

PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary
1296 Bowmanton Road - RR 4
Roseneath, ON


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the little guys. I'll check out the blog and Sanctuary.

ponymaid said...

Thank you for this, Billie, much appreciated. Now that I have met the venerable PrimRose and Russel the mule I feel even more responsible for helping the sanctuary. And of course Jack knows about Sheila's kindness first hand. I still like the taste of well-aged parchment but this world wide web business is quite remarkable. You are a most excellent human with a wonderful menagerie of assorted species.

Your admirer,

Anonymous said...

I keep meaning to tell you, I love your blog, your photography, and your writing. Rafer is adorable!

billie said...

Thanks Arlene. Be prepared to pull out the tissues. Sheila has some sad stories, but with good endings.

billie said...

Sheaffer, I love how you raise the awareness of all of us about donkeys and mules in need. We can have a mutual admiration society. :)

billie said...

Jane, what a nice thing to read. I appreciate it so much!