Wednesday, December 10, 2008

70 degrees!

Here we are in December and it is 70 degrees outside. The horses have been running wildly today, enjoying the odd weather. Cody especially is trotting around like a dressage star, tossing his head in delight.

So far today I've had a close encounter with 3 crows and then a very close encounter with a redtail hawk, who flew up from only a few feet away and landed on a fence post, where he sat and watched as I scrubbed and filled a water tub.

Given the unusual weather, the bird sightings, and the season, I won't be surprised at anything that happens today.


Grey Horse Matters said...

You're a lot warmer than we are. I just picked up my granddaughter from pre-school and the temp was almost 60. Unfortunately, it's waffling between rain and drizzle. How much nicer this would be with some sun added in.
Enjoy it while it lasts. Wonder what those birds are up to.

AnnL said...

Wow, I would love to see a red-tailed hawk that close. I see them in the trees, but they rarely stay long.

I hope the birds were good omens and brought you a day of delightful happenings.

billie said...

We don't have sunshine - in fact, thunderstorms are rolling in, but for now it's 70 and gray and horses are in fine spirits. :)

billie said...

Even since I posted, I've seen Keil Bay stretch and move in the arena (with me on the ground), Cody kicking up his heels at me (cheeky 5-year old and a true sign he is trying to move up in the herd), and the funniest thing - Rafer Johnson squeezed in through the gate to join Keil Bay's free lunge session. Redford respects the gate, but doesn't like being separated from his brother, so he leaped onto our little viewing stand (about a foot high) and brayed his heart out while Rafer and Keil Bay cantered around. It was quite the show.

MitMoi said...

I'm glad SOMEONE is having fun today. I am occupying my time being a grumbley goat.

Stupid weather. Stupid no sunshine.



Lucky donkeys :)

(and horses!)

billie said...

OH, I'm sorry you're stuck inside. :/

It's really ME who's the lucky one. The donkeys and horses keep things hopping around here!

Victoria Cummings said...

We're having warm weather today - not quite as warm as yours,of course - but I too had close encounters with crows and a red tailed hawk this morning. As I was feeding the girls, I noticed the hawk and the crows in the hickory tree by the barn. When I walked towards the house, the hawk swooped down on a lower tree limb and grabbed a squirrel who was running for cover. It then dive bombed me with the poor little squirrel in its claws and flew away while the crows went crazy calling after it. I have to say, while I usually love the red tail hawks, this really shook me up and saddened me. I do love our crazy happy squirrels and it was a side of nature that I wish I had missed. I've been thinking about it all day. I'm glad that your horses and donkeys are enjoying the warm days and that your hawks aren't being so aggressive.

billie said...

Wow, Victoria, I have never been dive-bombed by any kind of bird, but definitely not a hawk!

This one here was very mystical and serene.

Ted Andrews talks about the redtail being associated with the kundalini and moving dynamically toward one's life purpose.

The aggressive side of nature is a part of the whole. This week I've found a squirrel that was killed, a mouse, and a lizard. We have a lot of predators living here, so hunting and killing happen.

I hope you have a more gratifying encounter with the redtail soon.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I, too hope the crow and hawk encounters were positive omens. And the warm weather must be a blessing, too. Of course, the animals are already dressed for winter, so they must be a little bit warm, but still it has to feel good to receive a break from the cold.

We had snow yesterday and cold winds, even a thunderstorm with lightning as the snow fell. It was a little eerie.

Today the snow melted and it was practically balmy in the upper 50's.

Maybe this is the calm before the real storm?

Enjoy your warm reprieve, Billie :)

New Mexico

billie said...

It's warm and rainy today, with thunderstorm potential. That must have been so eerie seeing snowfall mixed with lightning!