Friday, December 19, 2008

sunshine and ice skating

Today, finally, the sun has burst forth, along with some gusty wind that I hope will dry things out a bit. There is more rain forecast for the next two days, but even so, especially so, today's respite is welcome.

I've uncovered the round bale, am getting ready to uncover the shavings pile, opened barn doors and windows wide, and my goal today is to add in some new shavings to each stall, get everyone groomed by nightfall, and hopefully have some time left over to do a little bit of local shopping.

My husband has today off, so he took the kids ice skating with their homeschooling group, and afterwards, they'll stop off at their favorite gourmet candy shop to do a little bit of stocking shopping. (we do stockings a bit differently - once they get hung, everyone participates in filling them by Christmas Eve, so they'll be ready to "open" on Christmas morning - it makes it fun for everyone, and each time any of us goes anywhere during December, chances are a few little stocking stuffers will make it into the bag)

Better head out and uncover the shavings so they can air out! Happy Friday to all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Oh, ice skating sounds like so much fun! I used to love that when I was a youngster.
I love what you do with the Christmas stockings. How nice it is for everyone to participate in filling them. Everyone loves surprises.
Have a good day, we're getting socked with snow right now and expect around a foot or so.

billie said...

Arlene, it's so odd how sometimes our weather is on the same wavelength and other times, like today, so totally opposite!

It is 70 degrees out and sunny, with warm wind gusting.

And while I am grateful for the chance to dry out some, I also envy your snow in that it is such a perfect time of year for it. Although I know it brings its own issues. I hope you get only the good stuff and none of the troubles from a deep snow.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well the snow is melting here and has turned the ground to mush, but the temps have been dropping all day and the ground is freezing like a rock. Even the chickens have left footprints that are molded solid. lol!

I didn't know you homeschooled your kids, too. That's really great. I shouldn't say I'm surprised, though. You are one bright, intelligent person and yours kids are lucky to have you as their teacher. How long have you been homeschooling, Billie?

Oh, and I just love the idea of the little stocking stuffers filling the stockings up before Christmas. What a fun thing for the kids to do :)

New Mexico

billie said...

Lisa, I've probably not talked of it much on here, but neither of my children have ever attended any form of formal school.

We have a lot of fun learning together. :)