Thursday, December 11, 2008

70 degrees, rain, thunder, tornado watch

We've had so much rain today it is quite literally standing in pools all over the property. It has to rain a lot for me not to let the horses out, but today I decided not to. It's slippery, and if it started thundering and they started running... not a great combination.

So we have spent the day trying to keep up with the mucking. Fortunately our barn has a shelter off the back 3 stalls, so generally what I do is let the geldings take turns - one gets closed in, the other two can go in and out from stalls to shelter. This insures that no one gets stuck in the rain. (can you say "bossy pony?") I leave the gate to the arena open so if/when the rain stops they can go in there and march around. It's wet, but it drains really well and it isn't slippery like the paddock and fields.

Salina and the donkeys have two stalls opened up, and the barn aisle, and I left them access to the barnyards so they can take a walk when the rain slows.

Right now, Rafer Johnson is watching for the storm.

Thus far it has worked as well as it ever does. Boredom is kept to a minimum, and they seem happy enough to stand and watch the rain fall, munching their hay.

There is a tornado watch in effect until 7 p.m. for our area, but right now, there is a tornado warning in effect with the center of rotation passing over the area where my brother lives, and where we used to board Keil Bay and Apache Moon. I hope it treads gently as it whirls on, and that it dies out soon. Another more severe band of weather is expected around 7 tonight, so we will keep our eyes open and hope for the best outcome for all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I hope you have good luck with the tornado and it passes you and your brother by without any damage. In the meantime, it sounds as if the rain is not cramping anyone's style, they all still have access to move around. Our herd went out today for a bit, but I'm sure they will stay in tomorrow, we are expecting ice storms. That's too dangerous to let anyone out in. I'm so afraid someone will slip and get hurt. Not to mention us humans slipping too.

Gail said...

Rain and tornado warning! It is too cold here! I just helped Magic find the lost herd and was shaking by the time I finished. I would trade cold for rain.

billie said...

We lost power for a couple of hours and had to muck and give evening hay using flashlights - kind of fun, and everyone in the barn handled that well.

The clouds began to blow out and the full moon made it so bright there were windowpane shadows in the laundry room - quite lovely. The wind is picking up, though, and while the tornado watch is over, it looks like we're in for some blustery wind tonight and tomorrow.

Stay safe and I hope the ice storms pass you by.

billie said...

Gail, I complain about the rain but I would trade tornadoes for cold any day.

Mainly I am longing for a spell of "normal" weather, where things aren't so up and down temp-wise. One day this week I took blankets off in the morning (it was in the twenties overnight) and by the afternoon it got so warm there were flies out. I could legitimately have pulled out fly masks for the horses.

It's time to do my December equine de-worming and I don't like doing it when the weather is being so funky!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I hope everything turned out ok, especially for your brother and the boarding facility. And I hope your weather is drying out, too.

I love that photo of Rafer peeking out :)

New Mexico

billie said...

Thanks for asking, and everything is fine. No damage that I'm aware of.