Friday, July 18, 2008

we are all abuzz here

I wish I had photos but will have to describe - basically, there is a hive of bees living in the wall in the magic mansion, and they've had a beekeeper working for 8 weeks to get the hive moved into a portable hive they can move elsewhere.

This morning I was in the library and saw a bee in the window, inside. A little while later, after I'd left the room, bees began to come in through the closed windows, the vents, and the light fixtures in the ceiling. The grounds manager had to seal off that entire area and call the beekeeper out to see what could be done.

I got a mini-seminar on relocating bees, and instructions on what to do if they come after me, which is not likely but a possibility.

From my bedroom window I can see the bees buzzing around wildly - they are very excited, not angry, because the original hive has now been reopened so they can get their honey out and move it to the new hive.

My husband kindly emailed me some passages from Ted Andrews about bees:

Bees have been mythical symbols throughout the world. . . . Probably
the most consistent symbolism has been that of sexuality and
fertility. . . Bees are also long-time symbols of accomplishing
quests that seem impossible. . .

If a bee has shown up in your life, examine your own productivity.
Are you doing all you can to make your own life more fertile? Are you
busy enough? Are you attempting to do too much? The bee reminds us
that activities are sweeter when we take the time to enjoy them.

The bee is a reminder to us to extract the honey of life and make our
lives fertile while the sun shines.

I am loving the intense, rich activity of these bees.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I do hope the bee keepers can get them under control before someone gets attacked.
It's interesting though what bees represent, especially since you are at the magic mansion and being productive.

Victoria Cummings said...

Well, here you go again - the perfect message from the animal world - bees, productivity, taking time to enjoy each moment. Funny how I thought about "The Secret Life of Bees" when you said you wanted something to read. I like to read the end of that book when i feel I need a reminder that I should nourish myself. Does the beekeeper sell honey? Maybe you should get some to take home to remember your retreat.

billie said...

So far they have not been the least aggressive. I have captured about 15 in cups and released them today, and they're very willing to be carried outside and let go again.

I keep finding them on the outside of my window.

Right now they're getting the honey out of the old hive inside the wall and putting it in the new hive - so they're very busy and very excited.

billie said...

He does sell honey! I suggested the idea that that start selling Weymouth honey, which would surely be full of special stuff. :)

Matthew said...

I'd love to have some of that Weymouth honey on biscuits with butter!

billie said...

Matthew, me too.

The bees, fyi, are completely settled down now and doing the job of moving all that honey into the portable hive. It has really been fascinating to be here with them.