Monday, July 28, 2008

living the good life

We had two inches of rain yesterday afternoon, but it cleared out with sun before nightfall so the horses were able to go out for the evening and enjoy the very loud symphony of crickets, cicadas, and tree frogs. This morning everything feels fresh and while it's not exactly cool out, it isn't too bad for the end of July.

On the docket today: a trip to the feed store and daughter's riding lesson off the farm. Meanwhile we got barn chores done and can have a leisurely lunch before we leave.

A few other family members are enjoying their leisure as well. Dickens sacked out in a small pile of hay I had put out for Salina and Rafer. Does he not realize he's right in the line of a set of large horse teeth? Fortunately for him, Salina and Rafer decided to go out with the herd to the back field after breakfast.

And here comes the King, who has had his breakfast, his herbal mix, hay, and had panther-walked himself back out to graze. But, and this is the best part, he noted that I was still in the barn and so came back to ask: time for our ride?

This is the Keil Bay I am used to seeing, and boy is it good to have him back.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad to hear Keil Bay is doing well with his new regimen.Dickens is really cute in that picture, I think the hay serves as a very fluffy pillow.

Janet Roper said...

OK: Dickens, Salina and Rafer played king of the hill. Dickens won. The horses took it gracefully. Anytime it comes down to cats or horses, my money is always on the cats. ;-)

jme said...

keil bay looks great. his coat is beautiful and he's got some lovely condition.

it's always a good sign when they don't head for the hills at the prospect of being ridden... and if they come right up to you and say 'let's go!' well, it doesn't get better than that :-)

billie said...

Arlene, he's doing great. Dickens is such a barn cat. I never would have expected it, but we can barely get him to come in. If we fed him in the barn we'd be out of luck totally!

Janet, I wish I could get a photo of Dickens and Rafer sleeping side by side in the barn aisle. They are good pals but on this day, on this hill, Dickens won. His strategy when Rafer gets cheeky is to flop over and show his belly. So far so good. He handles the equines with great aplomb.

jme, thanks. He has always been a horse who likes being tacked up and ridden. He likes having a routine, and he seems to especially enjoy the idea that his work is done for the day. :)