Thursday, July 10, 2008

post-chiro notes

We have three very happy geldings who are all pro-chiropractic clients. They all had their own response to the adjustments.

Cody: Okay, I like being first in line, ahead of the Big Bay, but this is very weird. But it feels good. But ow, that's tender! But it feels good. Whoa! Whew! Thanks, Keil Bay, for giving me moral support over your stall door.

He raised his head when she started each adjustment, but immediately lowered it, licking and chewing, when each was finished. He had a lot going on, all on the right side, and I'm so relieved everything matched up with the sore leg from last week. He's off work until Saturday.

Keil Bay: What took you so long to get here? Why did I have to wait so long once you got here? Would you please just get right to the pelvic area and fix that little joint that's out? Okay, that's nice. All better, I think I'm set to go. No, wait, you want to do some more? Okay. Hmmm. That's nice too. But I'm all better now, so I need to go back to my grazing. Oh, there's more? Okay. Oh, that is REALLLLY nice. May I just stop for a moment and say thank you? Are you SURE you're done?

Keil is the most demonstrative horse I've ever known. He is very aware of his body and where the issues are, and he doesn't hesitate to show you exactly where things need work, if you only listen. When she finally got to the final adjustment, she put her arms around his neck and did something that looks very much like a bouncy hug, and he looked at me over her shoulder with the most amazing expression. I can't believe I have to let her do this, but okay, I'll deal with it. His big long sigh of relief at the very end told the whole story. He too is off work until Saturday.

Apache Moon: This is not my favorite thing but whatever. I will stand here. But do you see that my ears are slightly back? One wrong move with those hands and I'll... oh dear, that is very NICE. Hmmm. Well, you'd better watch... oh. Wow. Done already? No, please, not yet! Oh, wait, that leaning thing. My favorite part. Yeah, that is HEAVEN. No, my eyes aren't closed, I just have a very long blink going on. It doesn't mean I like... oh, don't stop yet. What? It's OVER already?

He is so funny. All pony power and Thelwell attitude but underneath the veneer he is a sweetheart who just begs for a big hug. He will enjoy his airs above the ground even more now that those two pesky ribs are back in place.

Salina neighed when the vet drove away. What? Come back! You forgot to do me!

You are first in line next month, Salina, dear.


We had another good inch of rain last night, and more predicted for today. It's wonderful to have this much rain. The sunshine in between and a breeze helps dry things out a bit and gives all the plants what they need to grow. The ground has a spongy feel that hasn't been there in over a year. The front field is resting since last Saturday, and we'll give it another 4-5 days. With all this rain and sun the grass is growing almost visibly. The horses are already lining up at that gate, hoping it's The DAY.

On another note, I was invited to join a group blog comprised of local riders who want some group support in meeting their riding goals. I had the best time reading through the posts last night, and am planning to join. They post pictures and video and fine details of their rides and lessons. It's not only support but a wealth of information. I'm excited.

And finally, the Equine Extravaganza is in town this weekend. Daughter and I plan to go on Saturday and enjoy all the seminars and demonstrations, not to mention the vendors. :)

Next week I'll be heading off to a writing retreat Thursday - Tuesday and I am more than excited about that. I'm right on target with the edit I wanted to get done before heading off to retreat - which I'll begin by reading through the entire novel, and doing what I hope is a final big edit. I'll let it sit (and give it to several readers) until the last week in August, re-read, make any last changes, and query right after Labor Day.

One more note after morning chores:

Keil Bay was much more patient this morning and although he did toss his halter while I prepared breakfast tubs, he did not bang the door. All three geldings had big swinging walks and soft eyes.


Grey Horse Matters said...

You;re a very busy lady Billie.
The horse commentary was wonderful. I'm glad they all got what they needed, poor Salina she has to wait for hers.I'm sure she's not happy about that.
The Equestrian club sounds exciting and interesting, can't wait to see how it goes.
The writing retreat should also be an exciting time for you in preparation for the big day that's coming up for your novel. Good Luck.

billie said...

I felt a little bit sorry for Salina, but otoh, she got the chiro the past two months plus massage several times when she most needed it.

Normally they alternate chiro - 2 one month, the other two the next - but Keil Bay needed rechecking this time and Cody and KB will need rechecking next time. She will go first though!

I wish I could get chiro for all 4 every single month and massage weekly. But that said, I think they're all doing well with what they're getting! :)

I meant to say re: the writing retreat that I am not only getting much time to write, I get to spend it with two very wonderful writers and friends, Lela and Dawn, who will both be there as well. I am SO looking forward to being with them again.

Matthew said...

I also loved reading the horses thoughts. :-)

billie said...

I take it my referencing the vendors did not give you a heart attack. :)

Janet Roper said...

Oh, fun! Everything you're doing sounds like so much fun! You go, woman.

Shiloh is very particular about the chiro that works on him. He tried to bite one - we don't use that one anymore, and he's putty in the hands of the other one. A very discriminating lad.

Have fun at the retreat!

billie said...

It has been a fun week, for the most part, after my shell got adjusted... :)

I'm impressed that Shiloh is so discriminating. I have made a number of changes based on the horses' reaction to professionals working with them in various ways.

I trust all of them to let me know when something/someone isn't a good match.