Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Keil Bay's test results

I spoke with Patsy from Healthy Bodies this morning and she had Keil Bay's kinesiology test results ready. I was so excited to hear from her, and should be able to get him started on his treatment program in a couple of days, when the herbs and supplements arrive and I'm back home.

Here's the breakdown:

low on EFAs
probiotic level is low
he's dealing with systemic yeast and fungus
has a mold allergy
digestive enzymes are low
white cell count is low (probably due to the yeast/fungus/mold)
seratonin is low
he has several beans which need removing

Six-week treatment plan for the Big Bay:

flax - 5 tbsps 2x/day for 4 weeks
probios paste - 1/2 tube 2x/week for 2 weeks (and 1 tube hereafter, two weeks after each deworming)
olive leaf - 2 tsp. 2x/day for 4 weeks
echinacea - 1 tbsp 2x/day for 6 weeks
digestive enzymes - 3 capsules 2x/day for 3 weeks
rhodiola - 1 tsp. 2x/day for 2 weeks (I think - she will send written instructions with herbs)

Total cost for this testing/treatment:

hair and saliva test plus telephone consult - $25.
herbs and supplements: $109.50
re-test in 6 weeks - $25.

Based on everything I've read about Patsy's work with horses (and people) and the kinds of results her clients get from her recommendations, I CANNOT WAIT to see how Keil Bay does. My prediction is that he and I will be in a great place by Labor Day.

Now I have to figure out who's going next - my goal is to work my way through the herd, but I'd love for all of them to head into the fall/winter with their treatments behind them.

I'll report more as I get Keil Bay going on his plan. Once I can report actual results I'm experiencing, I'll add contact info for Patsy. I've heard nothing but good things thus far, but I like to have my own first-hand experience before recommending things.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I"ll be interested to see how he does on his supplements. We have some here that could use an analysis.

Janet Roper said...

Thanks for sharing! It will be interesting to see how he responds to the treatment. I'd like to get Patsy's contact info.

billie said...

Janet, there is a very long thread about Patsy and her work at the Ultimate Dressage forum. A good number of riders had their horses tested by Patsy and then took the time to report issues they'd been having, what Patsy's results indicated, and how the treatment programs went. Reading through all that and then talking to Patsy myself convinced me I wanted to try this approach.

I'll be happy to send you the contact info - and as I said, once I can begin to report my own results, I'll share the contact info on the blog.