Friday, July 13, 2007

there is a chorus outside my window

Tree frogs and cicadas and crickets, so loud I can't hear my daughter's voice from across the hall.

She and I spent the day together, looking for an alarm clock (she wants one), having lunch at the local cafe, library and dollar store and bookstore, feed store and grocery store.

Finally we got home, just in time to feed the horses, who were all pacing the paddocks because they just rotated fields and the grass is so good that first few days.

I've spent several hours today shifting several chapters of my book from third person present to third person past. At one point I didn't like it and then I did. I've decided it's too soon to know - I just have to try it for longer in the book and see.

We did stretches with Salina and then some groundwork. She was very flexible today and moved well. We played predator with the pony and Cody, who put on quite a show. The pony is like a little warmblood, he just floats through the air when he puts on his big trot.

Feeding dinner we had cat company, all three of them sitting on the tops of fence posts like owls, watching horses come and go.

And now we're serenaded by a million little voices. It has been quite a day.

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