Tuesday, July 03, 2007

riding lessons

I haven't written about Keil Bay and riding lessons recently, and the past two lessons were very interesting.

Last week we had not ridden in nearly two weeks and my expectations were low. But Keil was relaxed and loose, I had done yoga right before, and the saddle fitter had been to adjust Keil's saddle - the combination of these made for a wonderful lesson. We had some very grand moments together and it remains one of my favorite things in the world when he moves through his back, fully engaged, and I am right there with him.

Yesterday was similar but with a glitch. In the canter, going left, I could feel my left hip torquing oddly to the right - he was on the left lead but his hind end was torqued to the right as well. The amazing thing to me was that I am getting good enough to feel these things instead of having to have them pointed out to me. My trainer hopped on so I could see from the ground what was happening.

And then it clicked. He'd done many yoga stretches during the day and had also stamped his left hind foot as I was grooming his right flank. I'm almost positive his pelvic joint is rotating out of alignment again. It's subtle, which means it's probably not too far out, and it definitely happened since last week. Thankfully, our chiropractor is already coming early next week to see Salina, so we can get this taken care of quickly.

It feels like so many pieces of a puzzle are coming together. With the massage work, the chiro, the excellent training, the saddle fitter, and our progress, the rides become better and better. One day I'll have to do a video of Keil's amazing extended trot. The way he moves says it all.


Sue said...

Dear Billie,
I was going through some old emails and happened upon your introduction to the now-defunct C-4 list. I was curious about your fiction writing so did a Google search and found your website and blog. On your home page you mention kindred spirits and I feel I may have found one in you. Reading your blog, I felt an instant connection. Your writing really resonates with me--I just love your daily musings and your photographs. I'd very much enjoy reading your novels.

In addition to being an aspiring writer and Raleigh resident, I too am a lover of Corgis and horses. I have a 6 year old red and white fluffy boy named Forrest and a 7 year old black-headed tri girl named Morgan. I've had a passion for horses my whole life and rode/studied dressage until I hurt my knee a couple years ago. These days I do agility with the Corgis instead. It's a blast but I still miss riding. I'm hoping I can again at some point but haven't tried since my injury.

I was very interested in the workshop you offered in October that combined horses and writing. What a cool idea! Do you plan to offer it again? I would love to attend.

I would also enjoy meeting you in person sometime. Perhaps a Corgi playdate?

I look forward to hearing from you.
Warmest Regards,
Sue Ivy

billie said...

Hi, Sue...

Welcome - I have missed the C-4 list since we moved - I wasn't sure if it got lost in the email change or just ended as a group, but I'm so glad you found me.

Our Corgis are brother and sister and are 7 years old. A Corgi playdate sounds fun but we will have to wait until we get the recent flea outrage under control! We have not had fleas ever with these dogs and suddenly... we did. Poor Kyra is having an allergic reaction and I think we're finally getting a handle on it. We had been using DE which worked so well for ticks, but when the fleas hit I pulled out the Frontline which did not do a thing. In addition to oatmeal baths and lots of grooming and vacuuming we've got all dogs/cats on Advantage now and it's already much better.

How wonderful that you have ridden and studied dressage! I rode as a girl for years and had a horse I jumped, but then stopped for 20+ years. Keil Bay has been a true dream horse for me, and I'm finally (after 2 years) beginning to get my seat back and along with that, my confidence. I hope you can find a way to ride again.

My daughter takes the Corgis into our arena and jumps them over the pony jumps! :)

I will offer the workshop again in the fall - when the flies go away! It is so beautiful here when the leaves change, it makes for a perfect background to working with horses and words. I am in the process of re-doing my website a bit and all the news info will be appearing here on the blog so that I can keep it up to date.

I'll email so you'll have the new address.

So glad you stopped by - please come back and comment as much as you like!