Saturday, July 07, 2007

thinking blogs

Camera-obscura has been named a Thinking Blogger site twice now, a few months ago and more recently by Matthew at Science Is A Method, Not A Position. I appreciate the nod and hope you'll go visit his site.

I'm not much for the blog tagging thing and am quite finicky about the way my blog looks, which is why I don't list favorite websites, blogs, etc. in the margins.

But there are some wonderful blogs out there, and this gives me the opportunity to point you in their direction. I also highly recommend visiting the blogs of anyone who comments here at Camera-Obscura - if they're here it usually means I'm a regular visitor to their blogs as well.

A few places I frequent:

Peggy Payne's Boldness Blog





Faster Than Kudzu

French Toast Girl

Confessions of a Psychotherapist

Mantis In A Teacup

This also gives me the opportunity to invite you to comment, if you don't already. My intention here is for each post to open the door to conversation. Share your thoughts, experiences, and don't hesitate to ramble. I certainly do!

Enjoy the blogs!


Matthew said...

The favorite thing you have on the margin of this blog is the phase of the moon display. I love looking at that every time I visit!

billie said...

I do too - I wish there were a device that would project it on the wall someplace here in the house.

Or the barn would be even better.

Joni said...

Thanks for the mention, Billie!

As for projecting the moon, into the barn, doesn't mother nature do that all by herself? LOL

billie said...

You're welcome, Joni!

The moon in the barn - the moon is the moon, and of course when you're out at night where she is in her cycle is clear, but what I'm thinking about is instead of clocks passing the hour, I'd have the cycles of the moon on one wall and the tides on another, something like that.

Could be I've been reading too much Harry Potter lately. :)

Ms Melancholy said...

Hey, thanks for the mention :)

billie said...

You're most welcome, Ms. Melancholy. :)