Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the catkins are blooming and the toad prince is back

The toad prince continues to elude the paparazzi (me and Matthew) but I am still trying to get his photo w/o using a flash. Meanwhile, he is doing a wonderful job eating flies in the barn.


Matthew said...


shara said...

Oh, the toad prince! I'm looking forward to hearing more about him. I've got a resident mole and squirrel (I've never seen the mole, just his hills, but the squirrel comes to eat sunflower seeds often) and I hear frogs singing but a toad prince doesn't come along just every day.

billie said...

The toad prince is being very camera-shy, and as Matthew told me the flash might injure his eyes, I'm having to wait for him to come out during the day rather than evening.

He sometimes appears when I go out to do water buckets in stalls, at mid-day when the horses come in.

I've been keeping the camera out there but no luck yet!

I have an idea that your shed/gallery is a favorite stop for any number of little creatures wanting to enjoy some art. :)

shara said...

My favourite thing is when the bees fly in the window to buzz around the painted flowery-shapes, and yesterday a big nest (cocoon ?) of the most beautiful golden spiders were all over the sort-of red poppies on the outside, like a cloud, I wish the pictures had turned out better. Each one was the size of a poppy seed, and they glowed in the late afternoon light slanting across the shed.

billie said...

Sometimes I think certain things we see just aren't meant to be captured with the camera.

I can imagine those golden spider babies on red poppies in the sun.

The toad prince may be one of those non-photo ops. I have the catkins, though, they were happy to pose. :)