Monday, May 31, 2010

on semi-hiatus for june

Well. It's nearly June and I thought I'd be ready to blog like crazy having been away during the month of May.

But there is still so much to do here I am planning to stay on a semi-hiatus on into June. There's one post I really want to write, so I may get to that mid-month or so. If I can get my writing projects to the next phase I'll be doing lots of book-related blogging, so in a way this is the calm before the storm. :)

Meanwhile, a sample of one of the things that has been going on around here,  the pinwheel garden, with watermelon mounds against the back fence. We still have two "spokes" to build, and I have more mounded beds to plant, but I've been harvesting dragon tongue beans for weeks, and today, the first yellow squash.

Hope everyone is heading into summer with green grass, enough rain, and only a few insect pests. Back at least once in June, and hopefully full force by the beginning of July!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

mayday! mayday! on hiatus until june

With several writing projects that need my attention, a barn full of equines that want the rest of the springtime barn cleaning to be finished, fields that need mowing and fence lines that need weeding, a house that needs cleaning, and lots of good books that need reading, I am taking the month of May off from blogging.

I'm also seriously considering disabling Facebook during this time, as I can easily get drawn into posting photos and mini-blogs on there.

I'll never give up reading email, though, so if anyone needs to find me, that's the way to do it.

Enjoy the spring!


Although I'm on hiatus here, there are several new blog posts coming to mystic-lit, so use the sidebar link to go over and check them out!

I also recommend reading The Carrot and Purple Pony to keep up with what's going on in the world of the FEI.

Friday, April 30, 2010

the last birthday celebration for awhile

I'm officially the mother of two teens - and this birthday wraps up a month that resembles a domino run of celebrations. 

I'm a big fan of simple breakfasts, but today I'm making pumpkin pancakes and this weekend the celebration includes a mile-long ziplining through the forest adventure as well as a trip to a tiger rescue.

And of course there will be a nice meal that ends with cake and ice cream and candles.

Otherwise we have had several cool days and frost advisories at night - but are moving into a much warmer weekend with a high near 90 and some possible thunderstorms. We need some rain, although it will be best if it waits 'til Sunday as I noticed yesterday that the local hay fields were being cut. No rain until the hay is baled and stored, please!

The grass is growing, the garden is growing, and buttercup patrol is in full swing. I'm back to the front field for the second round of mowing those things down. Usually three times and they don't come back that season.

No need for chemicals and we sort of enjoy the brilliant yellow until it's gone.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

healing prayer and thoughts at 10 p.m. EST

 A note from me:

Thank you all for the healing thoughts. I won't keep posting this request, but just know that each night anyone is welcome to join in the ritual for H, who has a long healing path in front of him.

It is a sobering thought that a close contemporary in age to my oldest son is going through this. Of course it happens every day to many families around the world, but as we all know, when something like this happens to someone we know, it becomes so much more personal.

Someone wrote on FB today that teenagers heading into adulthood are like baby turtles trying to get to the sea. That made me tear up b/c I remember several beach trips when my son was a toddler when my husband helped some misguided baby turtles who were heading to the pier lights instead of the ocean.

Thinking of it that way, I almost want to institute a nightly healing ritual for all teens everywhere. Adolescence can be such a tender and tempestuous time.

A friend's son is in need of prayer and healing thoughts after a major drug overdose and brutal beating. He is in intensive care, and although he has sustained brain injury, a medically induced coma, surgery to stop internal bleeding around his heart, and other injuries, the latest report is "cautiously optimistic."

A number of us who have known H and his family since he was very young are planning a candle-lighting all around the globe at 10 PM EDT for anyone who wants to participate and simultaneously send healing energy, thoughts, prayers, mojo, vibes and whatever else we think might help.  Please feel free to participate.  Light your candle at 10 PM EDT and leave it burning for at least an hour... longer if you wish.  Focus on sending healing energy to Henry.  Some of Katie's friends will remember when we did this several years ago when E was a baby and very sick.  I know Katie valued that immensely then and will appreciate it just as much now.  Thank you to Cee who set this up for us.


You can read an update on H's condition HERE.

The rad-mamas, an online group of moms who have been together since my son was an infant (15 years) have decided to continue the nightly candle-lighting vigil for H until he is out of the hospital. We invite you to join us in sending healing energy and prayer to H and his family.


He looks better to me this afternoon. Cousin Thomas doing sound and scent therapy with him alongside the high tech machines. I feel sure it's helping. Lots of love in the room with him.