Saturday, May 29, 2021

Brown Bunny Potager, update

 I’ve done a few things in the potager this week. 

But first, we have our first tomato! 

This is the view from the veggie bed side of the garden, with a new bench and bird/bee bath. 

I added a butterfly cottage near the bronze fennel in case any butterflies need lodging. 

This is from behind the bench, obviously. I’m thinking of using a horse panel to make an archway structure for native coral honeysuckle, that the bench actually sits beneath. (Thank you, A and J, for the idea!)

I have one more thing to add, and today we got sweet pepper and eggplants to put in. The tomatoes and cucumbers are flowering and the basil is growing, so we’ll soon be ready for some summer salads. 

This has turned out to be a fun space on the farm. 

And a couple of shots of the new paint color on the house. If you look at the upper left corner here, you can see the old paint on the upstairs side against the new paint on the back and lower story. The old paint color likely faded quite a bit but it also had a pink undertone that I wasn’t fond of. We’re rid of that with the new gray. The sun was obscured and the sky was dark overhead in this photo, so the overall color is a bit darker than it really is.

This is the new color and a truer rendition thanks to the lighter sky.

Of course, in true domino fashion, now all I can see is the orange tone of the concrete foundation wall. I am already thinking of a new project for which I need a local stone mason.

It never ends! 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the new color of your house. Maybe because it’s the same color we just did ours. Ha, great minds think alike? The horse panel will look good where you’re putting it. We have nothing growing yet as we just planted the garden last week. Don’t usually get tomatoes till August. So cold here the last few days, 45,windy and raining. Actually wore our winter coats and the horses had their sheets on. Of course, they were all just washed and put away last week, so that figures we’d have to drag them out again.

billie said...

That’s too funny that we now have the same color houses! Love it. Our tomatoes, etc. have grown quickly because of the hot spell we just had, though today it’s 59 and going down to upper 40s tonight. I am down to the last three single weight turn-out sheets to be washed and put away - isn’t it true that once you get them stored for the season the weather turns?

I’m grateful for this little chilly spell, and honestly, this would be my perfect weather year-round. Highs in the low 60s, lows at night in the mid-40s. I think for the horses, it’s their most comfortable temperature range.

Yesterday I was doing fly control and today, no bugs.