Sunday, May 16, 2021

Arcadia update

 So, the day after Hegemone 1 swarmed, they seem to have gone back into their hive boxes. I have been researching this, trying to figure out what is going on. Apparently, sometimes they do a practice swarm, but if that was the case, they probably would have done the real swarm yesterday, and they did not.

I also read that sometimes when a virgin queen goes on her mating flight, the workers come out and fly with her, sometimes forming a swarm until she returns. It’s possible this was the case, but with so many bees in that hive it’s hard for me to imagine they didn’t have the original Hegemone queen when we did the split back in April. 

In any case, they are back in the hive as of yesterday afternoon. I checked all the hives to see how things were going. Mnemosyne, the bait hive now in new/permanent location, is busy. Hegemone 2 is busy and booming. Hegemone 1 busy and booming. Echo is busy. Artemis is still super slow but I do still see a little activity and I know the hive is full of bees. 

In a continuation of drama though, the tree where the bait hive was until we moved it had two black snakes lounging in the place where the hive had been, with about 15 bees buzzing about! It was enough like a rain forest jungle that I called the dogs to me and we left Poplar Folly!

Here’s to spring and all the stuff happening on the farm. :)


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like the bees have been busy. Oh god, those snakes climb trees, yikes! I'd have a heart attack if one dropped on me.

billie said...

I knew they could climb but this is only the second time I’ve seen them in a tree! Years ago Dickens the cat chased a black snake up a tree, but I assumed it wasn’t something a snake would do just to lounge! They were there again today. I agree, I would also have some kind of attack if one fell on me!

Matthew said...

Those black snakes are amazing. They love Arcadia and it seems like I see them every time I go down there. :)

billie said...

The dogs and I went back there earlier. All looks well except Mnemosyne and Artemis were not active. It was sunny while we were down there, but it’s been cloudy off and on so not sure what’s going on with them.