Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A few glimpses into the week on November Hill

Not the best photo, but through the windshield as I was driving in. I got winter gate decor a month ago to change from the holiday/Christmas horse head wreaths. The young woman who makes these is on Etsy and she will customize if you want something she doesn’t have listed. I love the hanging stirrups and the wintry foliage. Hoping I can make the change to spring wreaths sooner rather than later, though!

It’s my birthday week and I have treated myself to three gifts, one of which is below. A new embroidery project, a rainbow of floss, and the time each day to do it. (Can you guess which element of that combo is the hardest?)

This is me.

The second of my gifts to self: the Dualit toaster I have wanted for 30+ years. I had such a hard time picking the color. Decided on the bronze, and I love it. I’m creating a coffee/tea/toast area on the countertop which involves (of course) changing all the kitchen cabinets around which is going to confuse me for the next year or so, but maybe it also creates new neural pathways. :)

We had five equine dentals yesterday but thankfully the first of three warm, sunny days to dry things out. The night before the dentals it rained like cats and dogs and the ground is so saturated it is a muddy mess AGAIN. But the dental work went very well, it’s over for the year, and the herd is out today enjoying the sun on their backs. 

If your birthday is coming up, do something special for yourself. If not, do something for yourself for MY birthday. It’s been a rough year. You deserve it. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Well first of all Happy Birthday! Have a great birthday week. Love those wreaths, so unusual a pretty. My guess is you'll find the time for embroidery each day for a little while. Never seen that toaster but I'm sure its wonderful. Good to hear everyone is done with their teeth and that you had some warm weather.

Have a great week!

billie said...

Thanks so much! We have 3 sunny days and then 4 rainy looking days on the forecast. What the heck! I want solid weeks of sunshine! At this rate everything on my to do list is going to be bumped to the bottom for a covered arena so the horses can go out and exercise without sinking into mud.

Matthew said...

I love the toaster, you picked exactly the right color. Happy Birthday (soon!) <3

billie said...

Me too! Thank you!