Friday, February 19, 2021

Happy Birthday to our youngest herd member, Redford!

Who is now a teenager! From here on out, it’s probably going to be my standard first line in birthday posts to say:

I cannot believe...

Redford is 13 years old!

Aside from all the wonderful things Redford is, this year he became Keil Bay’s constant companion through the EPM ordeal, and I am so very grateful to little Redbug for taking that on, and doing such an amazing job. When Keil has vet appointments, Redford insists on staying with him to offer support, which is not an easy thing since Redford is not all that fond of vets himself. 

And I should probably add that Keil Bay loves vet appointments and loves every bit of attention he gets, so Redford is offering support to the king of being the center of attention. 

But Redford is always willing and even eager to stay with Keil no matter where he is or what is going on. 

All this to say that Redford is a super special donkey and we love him dearly.

Here’s a photo from this week:

When Redford was very young, the only white on his face was his star, and if you think of that star as representing his superstar power, as you can see, it has grown exponentially to the point of being a blazing galaxy of goodness. I am always drawn to the whorl that he has front and center. It makes me think of the third eye and how much this little but powerful donkey knows about the world around him.

Love you, Redford! You will always be our superstar here on November Hill! 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday Redford! What a special boy he is. Such a sweet soul.

billie said...

Thanks, A - he’s a sweetie for sure. :)

Matthew said...

Such a handsome, wonderful, sweet little equine! Happy birthday Redbug!

billie said...

He’s a Little Prince. :)

Anonymous said...

What a handsome young man! Redford looks more and more like his dad who is turning more and more white. Don't you just love Sorrels?



billie said...

Marty, I do love the sorrels - once he sheds out I will do a full body portrait to show off his white leggings. He’s a handsome fellow all year long, but both he and Rafer Johnson look like a million dollars each when they are slick and shiny. :) We all send big hugs to you and to the donkeys and llamas!