Thursday, March 04, 2021

Redford’s official birthday portraits

 I have to preface this to say that these are raw photos from my daughter and not the finished photos they will be when she processes them digitally, but she is so busy with her semester courses I am too impatient to wait and share the final products.

A few days after Redford’s 13th birthday, she put these in our “fam chat” text and I shrieked with delight. She always captures the spirit and the essence of each living creature she photographs, and this is so so so Redford.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Awe! Perfect! They are just wonderful and really capture his personality. She's a very talented photographer.

billie said...

Thanks, A. She really is.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures! Gorgeous Donkey!


billie said...

Yes, isn’t he? :))) and thanks re: the photos. Daughter is such a gifted photographer. Hope all is well with Elevenses!!