Sunday, September 27, 2020

Happy Happy News!

 I’m beyond happy to report that my son and daughter-in-law are expecting in April and they have found and had an offer accepted on a home that is not only beautiful, it is 19 minutes from November Hill! How lucky are we that they will be so close to us!

The real estate market in our larger area of the state is booming, and the first house they found and made an offer on had something like 57 showings in 2 days, a plethora of offers, and while theirs ended up in the final 3, they did not get the house.

When I saw this new listing come on the market Friday morning, I sent messages to our fam-chat, scheduled a showing with their real estate agent (an amazing agent who is also a veterinarian and a horse person) and with a team effort, an offer was made that night. Which was a good thing, because by Saturday morning there were 10 showings scheduled for that day, and people begging the listing agent not to accept any offers until they had the chance to put theirs in as well. Thankfully, the sellers stood by their word and canceled all the showings!

I had no idea that this is apparently the norm for buying a home here right now. You have to flock to the newly-listed property, put in an above-the-asking-price offer, write personal letters to the owners, and even then may find yourself in a sea of similar offers hoping they pick yours. It’s high drama and I’m glad we’re done with it!

The papers were signed yesterday, checks delivered, and this fellow witnessed me and the agent celebrating the victory in the driveway of the new home:

Congratulations to D and C! We’re so excited to share in this new part of your journey!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie and of course to the new expecting parents! How exciting! Good luck to all of you, it will be so much fun to have a little one around and so close.

The real estate market is crazy now. Here we have the same thing. People in my son's town are buying houses sight unseen from the internet just to get out of the city. Same thing happened to my nephew and his wife on Long Island. So many offers on houses and everything is way over priced. They finally found one, sold their house in a day and that's how things are going. Glad your son and daughter-in-law had a reputable seller.

billie said...

Oh, wow - so it sounds like this is going on all over the place! Thank you for the congrats - we are so happy for them and happy for ourselves too! Little Man has maybe 3 years tops before he has a new little rider! :))))

There was a point where we were ready to move to Homer, NY, where there was/is a 350-acre multi-home horse farm for sale that was commutable to Cornell. If my daughter had any intentions of applying to grad school there I think we might have gone for it. But this plan is easiest on all of us and we’ll settle down until we see how things shake out with grad schools and the political climate in the US.