Monday, September 14, 2020

Decor note + a wild hair

 New mattress plus linens in the camper - have shams and new pillows to add to the mix but this is a quick look:

The back of the quilt is a beautiful light blue stripe that I love - meant to fold up a corner to show that, but I forgot. It looks so comfy I wanted to crawl in and take a little nap!

The company that made the mattress (it’s an odd size and also has one corner cut to fit the space) also made the mattress cover and an air-flow mat that goes beneath so the mattress isn’t sitting directly on the wooden base. It was all done very well and if you’re looking for something in a size that isn’t easy to find, or impossible to find, I highly recommend them. Tochta is the company I used. 

After writing weekend I found myself full of creative energy. We each read new work, got feedback from one another, and I also started a new novel. (Gasp!) It’s a project I’ve been holding off on because I have felt I needed to get some of my finished novels out the door before starting a new one, but this weekend I decided that in the midst of a pandemic, with so much in flux in our country, why the heck am I hoarding a novel I’ve been wanting to jump into? So I wrote the first chapter and read it too to my writing colleagues and they loved it. I’m so happy to be working on it, especially as fall is tiptoeing in and I love having a big new writing project this time of year.

Even all this didn’t use up the creative energy that a writing weekend generates. Yesterday afternoon I literally stood up from writing, got the can of paint left over from the new garret space, and started working on this strip that goes around the stairway in our house. 

This strip has always been a sort of mismatched color to the rest of the space around it, and the color did nothing to accentuate the lovely red oak. This bright botanical green is a really nice color in that respect and by the time I got the first coat on and the sun was beginning to set and glow through the upstairs windows, it looked amazing. I love it!

I’ll do a second coat today and then the first coat on the remainder that goes around that hexagonal shape. I may carry this into the dining room on a narrow strip that goes along the light panel. I could also carry it along the top wall in the kitchen. For now I’m taking one step at a time, but I’m glad I went for it when I had the sudden impulse. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Everything’s looking good! Like the quilt in the camper, I could crawl in there for a cozy nap time too. The green will definitely brighten up the stairwell, it’s a happy Spring sort of color. Which will brighten the coming winter months. Congratulations on starting a new novel. Good luck with it.

billie said...

Thank you, A! I am so happy this morning - it feels like fall! Hope all is well your way.