Sunday, September 20, 2020

A few farm photos from this weekend

 Rafer Johnson hanging out with me while his best friend grazes. 

Artemis hive with a view of the goldenrod:

The best friend:

The shade bed mulched. The darker strip is mulch I added after the rainfall. It will dry out to match the interior area but wow, I love it when it’s dark. Now I can really see the space and can add in the few shade-loving things I’ve got ordered for putting in this fall.

Today I’m going to set up the new full sun pollinator bed and let it sit until I get the new plants. I’ve also started weeding the possumhaw area and around the entire side edge of that bed. I’ll mulch as I go, and eventually get into the pollinator thicket that is the center. What I get for not getting out there early on hot summer days and keeping up with it along the way!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Everything is looking good! It’s a good time of year to get things done. Love the cooler weather.😊👍🏻

billie said...

Isn’t it wonderful! I’m loving it.