Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Blooms and butterflies and bees: NY Ironweed and spotted horsemint

 It’s a busy week, again, and I feel like I’m ruled by the daily list of things to do. The car’s in the shop getting some routine maintenance and a few small repairs (thinking of Shawn Colvin’s album A Few Small Repairs, a classic that is still so wonderful to listen to), our amazing farm helper is making a larger repair on the barn door that Keil Bay kicked, and the electrician was here making a plan for some barn updates. I’m very happy that all this is getting done, but meanwhile the quiet of an average day on November Hill is just not happening. 

Yesterday in the midst of unloading grocery pick up, pet food delivery, and a heavy mail/package day, I stopped and walked along the pollinator beds to enjoy what’s blooming there right now. 

Butterfly enjoying NY ironweed.

Bee on spotted horsemint.

The colors, the layers, the joy.

Full shot of butterfly, oh how lovely.

I have to remember during busy times to stop and look and take it in, and soak up what I see. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures. Love the butterfly, how beautiful. It's always good to take a break and walk through nature and enjoy the way it's always changing and yet stays the same. Such a calming way to take a break and enjoy the day.

billie said...

Yes! I hope things have come to a slow roar at your place, or better yet, total quiet!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Thanks we’re good for now Sami is better and Blues abscesses popped so they’re both out with the herd again. Yeah!

billie said...

Yay for the boys! Cody is rubbing his head around his right ear - no discharge or injury, just seems itchy. I have a call in to the vet though it seemed better since I put some Banixx gel on the rubbed area. The gnats are awful this year! Could just be that.