Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Rafer Johnson is a TEENAGER! Happy Birthday, Rafer!

Rafer’s birthday slipped by me this year, and I’m attributing it to the pandemic and my distractibility in general, but this week he reminded me in his very gentle and sweet way. We’re having an extra special birthday party for him this weekend, and all is forgiven. 

As I have said in years past, Rafer is the sweetest, most loving donkey ever. He is a love bug and I’m sure he would be happy if we brought him in with us at night or on hot days. I can totally see him hanging out in the living room with us. Of course, he’d have to deal with the dogs, but I think Rafer would even be able to manage that. He is a special soul.

I took this the day he reminded me that he is now a teenager - 13 years old - how can that be? He and Redford hanging out while the horses went out to the front pasture. We love you, Rafer Johnson! Happy, happy birthday to you!!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday Rafer! He is a sweet soul. I can't believe he's 13 already. I remember when you got him, before you know it he'll be driving and able to vote!

billie said...

Gosh, if only he COULD vote, and the entire animal family here too. We need sane voters in November!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Rafer Johnson! What a handsome fellow you are! And you little brother, too. Take care, stay safe, and enjoy your big party this weekend!

With love,

billie said...

Marty, thank you!! I remember so clearly the day we trekked from here to Elevenses to meet little Rafer. And then little Redford. They are both handsome and full of heart and soul. We are so grateful to you and to Ken for bringing them into our family and lives. Hope you are well!