Saturday, July 04, 2020

Happy 4th of July - annual PSA regarding fireworks!

Every year I “celebrate” July 4th sitting in my horse paddock with my herd, cell phone in hand, hoping that no one in our neighborhood or general vicinity opts to do a firework display in their back yard.

Last year our immediate next-door neighbors did. The horses were so agitated they would not graze but trotted in circles the entire time, the toxic smoke from the fireworks wafted and hung in our riding arena like a fog of poison that took hours to dissipate. Our dogs and cats were locked inside the house, as was my husband who has asthma. 

In years past I have had lit firecrackers fall into the pasture a few feet away from me. 

This is my experience of Independence Day. I don’t gather with friends and family, I don’t go to any community celebrations, I don’t enjoy the freedom of feeling safe with my animals on my own hard-earned property.

Meanwhile, combat veterans are triggered by the noise, which sounds like gunfire, wildlife and the environment is impacted by both the noise and the toxic fumes and litter, there is always a risk of fires being started, and domesticated animals including dogs and cats are often terrorized to the point of running away and getting lost.

I can understand the appeal of the way fireworks look, but is it worth infringing on the health and peace of mind of your neighbors, animals wild and domestic, and the earth itself for a few minutes of pleasure?

At least stop and consider before you set them off. 

This year, in addition to everything else, we are all living with COVID-19, a virus which attacks the lungs. Do any of us need to breathe in toxic smoke right now, in particular?


Grey Horse Matters said...

I agree. Sitting here now listening to the Big Bang’s from across the street. The horses really don’t appreciate this noise and disruption and neither do we.

billie said...

Hey! I’m out at the barn too. Used Rescue Remedy and Confidence EQ pheromone gel and it has made a big difference!