Friday, July 10, 2020

Bear Corgi and helpful supplements

Just wanted to update about Bear and his issues at age 10 with stiffness. Here he is, and please note that he is on the sofa! Which means he jumped up there.

He’s getting 2400 mg of fish oil a day, per the vet; eggshell membrane capsules, per CalmForwardStraight; Dogzymes Complete, per Clementine’s breeder; and Springtime Advanced Hip and Joint Chewables per me wanting to throw everything I can at this issue.

The combo of all the above has made a huge difference in his movement and comfort. He runs, plays, jumps on the sofas, and generally just seems happier now that all of these supplements are on board. They all offer different things to the mix and while it’s an ordering extravaganza every month, it’s so worth it.

Bear’s a sweetheart and we’re so relieved he’s feeling better. Thanks to CFS for the recommendation of the eggshell membrane. That made a big difference on its own!


Grey Horse Matters said...

I've heard of the eggshell membrane. Glad its all working out for Bear. He's just adorable. What a face!

billie said...

Thanks - he’s a sweetie and a handsome. Sometime I should post about the whole fluffy Corgi coat thing - it’s a fault of the breed but became popular for awhile and we loved him when me met him so went for it. It’s a whole different ball of fur than the normal Corgi coat - so so thick. I can’t even get my fingers to his skin through all the fur. Long story short, we decided this year he had to be trimmed but he can’t take the groomer, even with sedation and us right there, and doesn’t like the electric clippers, so I found these bizarre scissors with comb attachments that allow me to do it without it ending up a total hack job. Has made this summer much easier but I have to clip a little every day to keep up with it!