Sunday, March 03, 2019

November Hill farm journal, 70

We’re soggy with rain tonight, but once this rolls out, it looks like a clear (but colder) week ahead. I’ll happily take the cold along with the sunshine.

This past week the volunteer peach trees bloomed, the daffodils and crocuses are still blooming, and everything else remains dormant but I’m waiting to see what pops out next. It will likely the the redbuds.

Yesterday was warm and dry with sunshine and one of my farm helpers was here and managed to get the entire farm mucked and dumped, which made me happy. I used the time to get to a project that’s been waiting and slipped into deep cleaning mode this weekend. I had an idea to rearrange my garret which ended up with me going through every single bit of paper in the office (and cleaning a feed bag’s worth of it out) and deciding to go ahead and purge my 25-year old rickety desk, filing cabinet, and recliner.

Our old dining table is in the basement along with a long narrow table that will fit perfectly along the sloped wall in the garret. I’ve moved my grandma’s old sewing machine to where my old desk sat, and have the space ready for the “new” desk - the dining table - which will give me room to spread out papers and have desktop, iPad, and writing pad all lined up for working and positioned so I can see out the window.

For some reason with my current novel edits, the side burner writing that I’m trying to get to, and the ongoing research I’m doing, the need to have a large desk space has been pushing at me. I hope to have things set up in the next couple of days.

Right now the twin guest bed is stacked with what’s left of my files and I still have to move the old filing cabinet out, but it’s amazing how much lighter it feels in there without the rickety desk, the chair, and all that paper. I think it will feel good to write there again.

About the time I finished up what I could do tonight, I needed something out of my bedroom closet and suddenly grabbed a stack of things to take to the thrift store. I had to stop myself from diving in and cleaning out the entire closet as it, too, needs some purging. I’ll get to that another time!

All of this has to mean spring is moving closer, right?


Grey Horse Matters said...

Spring is definitely getting closer, although you couldn't tell it by the 6 inches of snow we had last night! Cleaning out and streamlining the garret and closets is like a new beginning. I need to sort through a lot of stuff and just dump it and simplify.

billie said...

Oh, no - 6 inches of snow! We’re having a cold day and night tomorrow and Wednesday and I’m dreading it though thankful for sunshine in any case! Cody has an abscess so totally just wishing for more springlike weather for him. Yes, I am in the sorting/dumping mode right now!