Sunday, March 17, 2019

November Hill farm journal, 71

We’ve been busy here, and I haven’t had time to write. But we’ve bumped out of the extreme rain mode we were in and are starting to dry out some, which is a good thing. The pollinator beds are all cleared of last year’s growth and everything is coming back, which is so inspiring to see. My farm helper dug out the invasive, non-native roses that were a problem last spring and summer, and cut back the overwhelming butterfly bushes. I couldn’t bring myself to take them out but they were seriously overshading some natives, so they remain, but are under tight control.

A sad event that must be noted: Ciro was returned to his trainer. He is such a great dog, but he was having issues with spooking on leash and also a hyperalertness in every setting but riding in the back seat of our car. We felt the life he would lead with us would be hard for him and one of the jobs we needed him to do was not going to be possible with the spooking. His trainers came to get him and he was overjoyed to see them, so while it was heartbreaking, we are glad he was happy to go back to a more familiar setting where he can relax.

Meanwhile, more research and hard decisions yielded this:

Her name is Clementine (we call her Clem) and she is here and already quite settled in and beginning her training to be a service dog. She is bold, confident, calm, and so sweet. The Corgi boys love her and she loves them back. She comes from a long and strong line of service dogs and we’re happy to welcome her into our family. 

Yesterday ended with a Corgi romp and one of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve seen in awhile. The herd enjoyed it from the back field and the setting sun put on a show behind them. Talk about living in the light. Keil Bay was of course right in the center of that.

On my way up the path I stopped several times to celebrate this amazing end to the day. 

Puppies, illuminated Bay, sunsets that blaze the skies, all these are remedies for the hard stuff in life. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the blazing sunsets! Keil Bay looks gorgeous in his setting.

It's a shame that Ciro didn't work out but it sounds like he'll be happier in different situation. On the other hand Clementine is just too adorable for words. I'd love to give her a big hug and kiss on her nose. What a cutie. Good luck with her.

billie said...

Done! She’s a sweetie but also so bold and so confident she fits right in with the Corgis. She and Baloo are becoming very close - he loves having a playmate. Bear is 9 this year and not as interested in 2-year old Corgi roughhousing! :)

Matthew said...

Amazing pictures especially the silhouette of Keil Bay!

billie said...

That sunset was simply amazing. I saw on the news website that all over NC people were photographing it!