Thursday, February 21, 2019

Meet The Grand-pups!

Both my (young adult) children have new dogs and suddenly I’m a grandma!

(Trying to convince husband that our grandparent names should be Donk and Darling but he’s not keen on it - any ideas for creative grandparent names? I’d love to hear them.)

Ciro is my daughter’s German Shepherd who is joining us on November Hill tomorrow. He came from Germany and has received specialized training.We’re thrilled to bring him home and help him settle in to life on November Hill.

He’s a sweet dog and huge. It’s going to be an adjustment for us to have a dog with legs this long. Many years of Corgis have spoiled us for kitchen islands and countertops being out of reach. It’s going to be fun to have a big dog to remind us what it’s like!

My son and daughter-in-law went to meet Ciro and ended up falling in love with their new girl, Aria, a Belgian Malinois. She won’t live with us but she’ll be a regular visitor and of course part of the clan.

Aria is in her training now. We’re excited to get to know her over the next few months.

When I was young we had a white German Shepherd and my brother has had two German Shepherds as an adult so I’m familiar with the breed. Good dogs! It’s going to be fun to have them around.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa! Ciro and Aria are beautiful. It's nice they will be trained and ready to enjoy their new lives with their new families. Shepherds are great dogs and really attach themselves to their families. My husband grew up with them and they were amazing dogs. I hope when Ciro and Aria meet they will get along with each other. In the beginning Ginger and Nikita did not but they've resolved it...mostly.

As you know we got our Shepherd Nikita from the Guide Dog Foundation and it was really nice to have a pre-trained dog for a change.
The only fault Nikita has had so far is she's not great around the horses. At first she chased and barked at them but she's stopped that now with some training and has learned to sit and stay during turnout and bring in times. She no longer enters the paddock on a tear and chases them which was unsettling for everyone.

As for Grandparent names my grand kids call my husband Poppy but the call me Grandma because I wouldn't settle for Nana (I never liked that) sounds like the dog in Peter Pan. Good luck.

billie said...

Thank you!

Ciro is known for being easy-going and gets along with most every dog he meets. Aria reportedly should be the only dog in her home, which she will be, but we’re going to have to work out visits. I’m hoping since we will have 3 neutered males and she will be the only female dog that might make it easier.

Ciro has been tested with cats and horses and was non-reactive for both but of course he’s going to have to learn the ropes here. I mostly have Bear and Baloo trained to leave the herd be. Baloo is going through a bit of a teenaged rebellion in a number of ways and he has had some incidents recently where he runs at the donkeys and pony. They come back at him and he backs off. This happens in a few seconds’ time and then he comes to his senses and returns to me. We may need to do some on leash/on lead line treats for all to make closeness a happy time and not a reactive time. :)

Aria will have to learn as well but since she doesn’t live here and since we do have a fenced area she can be for some play time she may simply stay on leash around the farm otherwise. (Though we will have the trainer expose her to horses and cats just for the experience she’ll get from that)

I love Poppy but like you am not fond of Nana. Maybe Poppy and Darling. Or Poppy and something else I haven’t thought of yet! :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like you will have it all under control. Have fun.

billie said...

A, I wouldn’t go that far, as much as I would like it to be true. :)