Sunday, January 01, 2017

Sixth and seventh days of Christmas: June and July

Yesterday ended up being an indoor day. It was chilly and some of us have colds and we ended up watching TV on Netflix and I made a big pot of chicken soup for dinner, bought good bakery brownies and egg nog ice cream for dessert, and rang in the new year with a gin and tonic. 

On my way out of the market I ran into (literally) three beagles on very tangled leashes and their human. I talked to him about beagles and rescues and am not sure what this foretells for June but I think anything to do with those sweet beagles has to be good.

Today, New Year's Day, we got RAIN. But a cardinal came to the tree by the living room window and perched for awhile and the rain has been steady but not hard, so I'm calling it a win for July. Water and seeing bright red birds, who can go wrong with that?


Grey Horse Matters said...

The beagles might mean you'll be getting another dog that you can take on a vacation in July that includes water and birds...Feel better. Have a Happy Healthy New Year.

Matthew said...

The feeder is refilled, I hope our cardinal friend will take advantage. :)

billie said...

Hope so too!

billie said...

A, I like that - I will report in July and we'll see how this turns out! :)