Monday, January 23, 2017

Beekeeping news: getting ready for the bees!

I'm in week two of beekeeping school and enjoying the challenge of learning new material and readying for the chance to actually set up a hive on November Hill.  I'm hoping that this year I can start with one hive, so I have something to apply the knowledge to, and get my feet wet with this venture.

We're using this book as our introduction to beekeeping:

I read through this chapter earlier today:

Working on locating the best spot for a first hive and colony and also very happy to learn last week that our local feed store has made new space for beekeeping supplies! They hired an actual beekeeper to set it up and he'll be working there part-time. When I peeked in last week he was busy putting frames together and they already had everything I need to set things up. 

I need to do a little more research but I learned that it's likely I can use my tung oil and milk paint for the outside of the hive. 

I also attended my first meeting of our county-wide Beekeepers' association. Very nice meeting with two grad students from NCSU presenting their current research on honey bees. I loved that the association donated a check to their research lab - $2000.! It's nice to be joining a group who values science and learning and puts money toward that end.

As a side note, we are having the mildest weather - highs in the 60s for days and days now, and lots of rain which seems to be clearing out this morning. Good news for projects I have nearing completion and for those I had hoped to already be working on!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Beekeeping will be a great project. It sounds very interesting and like you will have a lot of fun. Our weather has been mild too. Then again I attribute that to global warming. Lots of rain though. It's sort of depressing. Have fun with all your projects.

billie said...

I think as of today we're finally clear of the rain. It is a mud pit in the paddock and Keil Bay looked like a spaniel yesterday! Thankfully it's not cold. Here's to some sunny, mild but not hot, weather. It is past time to ride!

Matthew said...

What a gorgeous book!

Very excited about upcoming home-raised honey.

billie said...

Me too!