Thursday, January 05, 2017

Eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh days of Christmas: August, September, October, November

August through October are going to be mystery months as I lost track of this journey in the throes of rain, a cold, and trying to get organized after the new year! 

Today I am readying for the forthcoming snowfall due to arrive this weekend. There's a sense of waiting in the herd, and I'm sure they know it's coming. For the humans here, we are looking at snow with lows the next few nights in single digits and highs below freezing, which is not usual for us and we have to prepare. 

I don't know what this bodes for November 2017! Outside it is gray and the temperature is dropping. The most prominent thing in nature to me today are the evergreens, all of whom seem to be standing tall and steady and I enjoyed feeling that sense of "ever" in them as I worked outside.

Stocking up on food and have many good books piled in multiple stacks and on my Kindle so I'm happy and ready for the weekend. 


Matthew said...

Winter's here!

billie said...

Yes it is!! And I am in a pre-snow frenzy!

Grey Horse Matters said...

It seems you're prepared. I also think the weather people hype it up way too much and it usually turns out to be nothing. We had a dusting this morning and it's almost gone now but it's very cold.

Feel better and read and eat and enjoy your weekend.

billie said...

Thank you - will do! You do too.