Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rain rain rain


What would I give for this day we had late last week when I was sitting at the end of the arena thinking it was a great day to ride?

The arena needs harrowing but look at that sky! It was perfect.

I just mucked stalls and cleaned water buckets and filled them and served hay in stalls while Keil Bay and Cody stood in the rain at the hay tent munching on a bale Keil pulled off the stack and to the front of the tent (over the locked gate). 

Ready for sunshine and dry ground.


Grey Horse Matters said...

This too shall pass. We had seven straight days of rain last week and it certainly puts a damper on things and is depressing. But, I guess your gardens are soaking it all up.

billie said...

Very true! I have two big house plants I am going to have to move to the front porch from the deck because they're just getting too much water with all the rain we're having. It's good for everything else, I think, including my weeds! :)