Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Equine dentals, done! (after my nightmare about castration)

This weekend all five of the November Hill equines had their dental exams and three were floated. Although we've never had bad experiences with dental work here, I have a long history of having bad dreams the night before my own dental cleanings and dental procedures. This year I had a nightmare before the HORSES' dental exams!

In the dream all five geldings were in fact NOT gelded. Somehow they had all lived to their current ages as stallions and jacks and the dental appointment transmuted in my dream into an appointment for five castrations.

"It will be bloody and dangerous," the vet said. "Be prepared."

I woke up in a state of horror.

Alas, the dentals were quiet and easy and I'm happy that I can check them off my list for this year!

The human mind is a powerful thing.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm glad it was only dental and not bloody and dangerous! I see you feel the same way about dentists as I do. I happened to be there yesterday for a cleaning and impressions for my two implants. This nonsense with the implants has been going on since last May. It takes a year for the whole procedure. Happily I will get my permanent implants in a few weeks and can stop looking like a jack o'lantern when I don't have my device in. Glad all went well.

billie said...

Oh, I am so sympathetic about the implant thing - I have two teeth that need some kind of conjoined crown thing - or at least the dentist wants me to get this done - and I am putting it off because I just truly dread it.

I had no idea an implant takes an entire year! I hope that is soon behind you.