Tuesday, September 29, 2015

still not riding but the farm chores roll on

My burned leg is healing steadily but I'm still wary of putting pressure on the skin until it's further along, so no riding has happened. We've had a lot of rain since last Thursday - very much needed - so at least I'm not missing perfect riding weather!

We needed to do some liming and reseeding of pastures this year so I stocked up on the fast-action pelleted lime along with winter rye and perennial fescue before the rain set in. We plotted how to work it in with the weather coming through. Dear husband did it all and for the most part the rain was just right - we had one good rain before putting out the lime, so the dry fields and the dust were nice and damp. The pelleted lime dissolved almost instantly and the seed went down the next day. We had very light drizzle along with that, so the seed got moist but not washed out, and then we had a break in the rain for a day, then more rain last night and today to water it down. 

I'm glad that's done!

The horses and donkeys are being stoic about being shut out of the entire front field and grass paddock, and about the rain itself. I think they've enjoyed rolling in the mud - it's been awhile!

Today I spent some time grooming Keil Bay. He's shedding his summer coat and followed me around asking for more brushing. I hope in another week the rain will let up, my healing will be complete, and he and I can get ourselves in shape for fall and winter work together. 

Next on the farm chore list: getting an estimate for a new barn roof. We're thinking metal with insulation. Any thoughts from anyone on preferences? 


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm glad to hear your leg is healing. Hope the process is done soon and when the rain stops you'll be able to ride. Lots of rain here and more coming. Sounds like you timed the lime and seed just right. Good to have that stuff done.

We have a metal roof on the barn and the indoor. I honestly don't know if it's insulated though. I like the metal. There is no upkeep on it. The rain washes it and when it snows for the most part it slides off. Sometimes it accumulates and comes off in a big sheet on a warm day. I don't think that would be a problem for you though as you don't get as much snow as we do.

billie said...

Thanks, Arlene. The no upkeep and long life are partly why we want to go with metal. You're right that the snow would not be a huge issue for us - maybe 1-2x a year and even then usually not that much snow to worry about.