Friday, September 04, 2015

Dickens update: a scare

Last night my husband got an email from someone who saw a flyer and who lives in a nearby neighborhood. He found a dead cat in his yard on Tuesday and moved it to the woods nearby on Wed. He said he couldn't say if it were Dickens or not but would be happy to show my husband where he had located the remains.

This morning my husband met the man but the cat's remains were no longer where he'd put them. He said there was definitely no collar on the cat he moved (a good sign since Dickens was wearing one) and that there has been a black and white cat hanging around his neighborhood for awhile and he thought maybe this was that cat - he said the one hanging around his neighborhood was definitely not Dickens.

My husband brought the only thing left from this mystery cat's remains - a few tufts of fur. It isn't the same kind of fur that Dickens has. So we feel fairly certain the deceased cat was NOT Dickens. 

But this evening marks a week since we have seen him. I am envisioning him holed up somewhere sleeping and safe and happy on his grand cat adventure. And hoping he'll head home soon. Last Friday night we had a very cool night and I can imagine him setting off to enjoy it. It got warm again since then but we have more cool weather rolling in late today so maybe that will send him home. 

I so appreciate the good thoughts everyone has sent to him and to us. Thank you!!!


Grey Horse Matters said...

I hope Dickens comes home very soon. I'm sure he's busy enjoying himself and he doesn't know how much anguish he's causing everyone.

Our cat Milo disappeared a while ago and of course we feared the worst. As it turns out he better-dealed us for a home down the road where the people who took him in let him have the run of the house. Something he always wanted. We couldn't let him in the house because everyone is allergic to cats. Still it wasn't a great hardship for him living with come and go privileges via cat doors and a heated and air conditioned tack room with a comfy bed.

billie said...

Oh, Milo!! I hope Dickens is maybe just taking a vacation from us and that he gets home soon. Thanks for the good thoughts and the Milo tale - I cannot imagine any animal finding a better deal than your home and farm!!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Shoot - I thought the picture meant Dickens was home safe and sound.
Thinking good thoughts for you!

billie said...

Not yet, C. Thank you for sending good thoughts our way!