Wednesday, February 19, 2014


We have one tiny strip of snow left and have had really warm temps yesterday and today - though I did wake up this morning to roaring thunder and rain, so add that to the mudslide that is a part of the front field and several other areas.

I had planned to ride yesterday and in hindsight should have pushed through and done it. I had groomed Keil Bay the day before (along with a hoof trim touch-up courtesy of dear husband) hoping that he would be clean yesterday. Ha! That was crazy thinking on my part. He was caked in dried mud again, so I started from scratch, did a sheath cleaning, and made the critical error of not riding right then. 

Today there were some chores that really did have to be done. All water troughs needed to be dumped and scrubbed, which was painful - adding more water to the mud! - but necessary.

I brushed the Big Bay down quickly - yes, of course, he rolled himself on both sides, again! - and then did some mucking. 

Some of this is catch-up from not getting things done during the snow days.

Daughter encountered the first fly and I encountered the first mosquito so we got those milestones out of the way!

Meanwhile, inside the house, I am woefully out of touch with my cleaning routine, so I'm trying to plug that back in. The gym routine too.

I can say with a fair amount of happiness and pride that I am surging forward with the writing. Since I love doing it AND it can be done any time of the day or night, any weather, it has been easy to keep rolling with it. 

Right now I'm sitting in my green chair in my bedroom, and out the window I see a painted pony, Cody, Keil Bay, and two sweet donka boys grazing their hay while the sun is just starting to set behind them. And Keil Bay looks like a million bucks if I do say so myself! :)

Here's to getting all the good stuff in every single day. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

I don't know which is worse the mud or the snow. I think the snow is easier to deal with. We've got 36 today a real heat wave and rain and dense fog.

It's hard to work around the barn in this crazy weather but things need to get done whether we like it or not I guess.

The one shining light is that your writing is moving along swimmingly. Don't worry about the house cleaning the dirt will still be waiting for you when you're ready for it!

billie hinton said...

A, today we're having thunderstorms!

And thanks for the encouragement on writing and letting the dirt live to see another day. :)

Victoria Cummings said...

I'm spending too much time on FB and not enough following my friends' blogs these days, but I'm happy to see that all is well and Spring is on its way to November Hill. Please send some of it up north to us soon! And I got that donkey road trip book you recommended. I've been reading it every night and dreaming about wandering the hills in France and about getting a donkey. Thanks!

billie said...

V, love that book so much. Hope you get spring weather very quickly. We are back to a cooler phase, lows in 20s but it's not too bad. I'm seeing grass growing in and horses starting to shed. Salina always started shedding out first, but this year it is Keil Bay.