Sunday, February 02, 2014

spring preview

64 degrees today - both Keil Bay and Cody had damp armpits and groins!

Daughter got a huge and nasty blister hiking in the snow in my muck boots that are too big for her so it's going to be probably a week before she can get a boot on that foot. 

Lucky me - I got to ride both Keil Bay AND Cody today. They've had a few days off so mostly I was just getting them back in the groove, but as usual, it is really educational for me to ride these two back to back.

Cody is super sensitive and responsive but is shorter, narrower through the back/barrel, and his movement is much flatter than Keil's. I mostly focused on being very very quiet with Cody and was really happy he didn't stick his nose in the air - instead he was chewing the reins from my hands, stretching down, and really relaxing with some soft snorts and nice walk.

He also handled my unusual mounting block with no problem - both mounting and dismounting. 

It looks like we have rain rolling in late tonight - ugh - but several days of warmer temps than we've been having.

I read the groundhog predicts six more weeks of winter so... I guess this really is a preview.

Took the Christmas tree down yesterday because once it gets this warm it seems odd to have those sparkly lights on!


Grey Horse Matters said...

I've always liked to be able to ride different horse. It keeps me thinking and more attuned to what each horse needs. Sounds like you know what each horse needs.

Hope that blister heals quickly. Those are painful.

Matthew C. said...

I think winter is back today...

billie said...

A, it's such a clear difference with Keil and Cody. Salina was her own ride - in a way, a combination of the two but with much different energy.

billie said...

It was. Now it's warmer again. Up and down we go...