Tuesday, February 04, 2014

rain, writing, not much riding

We warmed up again but are wet wet wet outside. About the time the snow melted, here came the rain, and it is a mushy, muddy mess out there. 

The horses and pony and donkeys are being good sports. It's too warm for blankets so they are rolling and creating huge grooming messes for me to clean up. 

Except the donkeys. Who wonder why any self-respecting equine would roll in WET dust.

There has been no riding yesterday or today, but thankfully there has been a LOT of writing and this morning I finished my Claire Quartet short, titled Clairette. It will sit for a bit and then go into editing mode.

Meanwhile I am closing in on the first act of claire-voyant, which is a full-length novel and the third in the Claire Quartet. 

And continuing to edit Never Not Broken.

I admit to not keeping up with the housework since Christmas, and that is on my list to get back into the daily routine. 

In other news, I was looking on Craigslist yesterday for Le Creuset cookware to add to my 31-year old set and ended up looking at miniature horses, wondering how in the heck anyone would pay $350. for a pot and lid when you could get a sweet little mini for less? And by the looks of it, get that poor mini out of a not so great situation. Sigh.

Hope to be back in the saddle soon. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

The writing sounds like you are breezing right through it and are very motivated. Good for you!

Snow here yesterday, tonight and tomorrow.

Might there be a mini in your future? Better than a new pot anyday and they're so adorable.

billie said...

I don't know about a mini in my future - I do think they're adorable. Let's just say if there is one in need of a good home.... I might be able to help. :)