Sunday, May 06, 2012

two new hanoverians on november hill!

Sorry - I could not resist that title!

The two new Hanoverians are Keil Bay and Salina but wearing their bright white summer whinnies really does make it look like we have new horses out there. Four white stockings each adds some flash and of course the real purpose for the whinnies is that they are super at keeping flies off the legs.

I went into full scale battle this weekend, hanging more sticky strips, putting out a trap with attractant, and also gratefully getting the latest batch of fly predators in the mail. This is when I wish I could hire a huge crew of frogs to come in and feast for a long weekend, effectively wiping out the entire adult fly population on November Hill. I would pay them well!

We had a huge rain yesterday afternoon and things cooled down quite a bit. This was writing weekend, so I've been editing like crazy and enjoying the company of D. It was an all-writing, no-marketing weekend and just what we both needed right now. Sitting on the front porch while the rain pelted down was like a tonic - and this morning we had gray skies and a nice cool breeze which extended the effects of the rain and cooling trend.

I was thinking tonight that I might get my version of the geldings' "sport cut."  I'm feeling like short hair, at least for a season, might be a good thing. More on that if I actually go through with it!

I was going to say that I hope all are staying cool - but all are not yet dealing with the heat ... so ... hope all are happy, healthy, and enjoying May.


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

You got me with that post title!!

Going to look into whinnies myself, thanks for the reminder. :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your writing weekend sounds relaxing. We've finally had some sun and are getting up into the 70's today. The flies aren't too bad yet but I'm sure they'll be out in droves in no time soon. I'm going to look into those whinnies this year because I think we're going to need them.

billie said...

C, LOL. I am considering it an advance announcement - things to come.

I aspire to have a herd of Hanoverians before I have to give up riding and resort to walking with donkeys on each side to hold me up. :)

billie said...

A, we haven't yet used them for the younger set here but Salina def. appreciates them and Keil does too.

Máire said...

Billie, you can have our grey skies any time, but I will not take your flies in exchange! Glad you had a good writing weekend. It must be good to have a partner for that.

billie said...

Maire, I would not wish the flies on anyone! This morning I went over to ask our neighbors if they were having issues with our flies - they do not have horses and I hate the thought that they have to put up with these flies w/o even getting the pleasure of the relationships. :)

Fortunately they said no, not hardly any at all. I can vouch that all the flies are probably over HERE!

One good thing - my sticky strips are doing a terrific job with adult flies. They are so inexpensive, no chemicals, and fairly easy to use. So I'm going to double-prong my approach and come at this from both the larvae and adult angle and see if I can go into June fly-free. :)