Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Corgi Fun

If the felines of November Hill are featured then you know what has to come next - Corgis!

We have 12-year old Kyra and almost-2-year old Bear. Bear came to live with us as a puppy, about nine months after we said goodbye to Kyra's litter mate brother Chase, who died of a cancerous tumor.

Chase was a loyal, sweet boy who loved to play fetch. Kyra had never lived without him, and she grieved for several months after his death. She also developed a severe skin allergy that took a lot of effort to figure out - and I feel certain part of it was her sadness over losing her constant companion.

The day Bear came home to November Hill, I took the crate he was in and set it down in front of Kyra. She needed to meet him first and I held my breath hoping that it would be a good thing that we had brought home a puppy. She took one sniff and her entire Corgi butt began to wag. Bear has been the best thing ever for Kyra - in a few minute's time she got her spirit back, and her spunk and the two of them have been best buddies ever since.

Bear was and is smart enough to know that Kyra is the Queen, but he was and is spunky enough to test her just the right amount to keep her on her toes.

Here they are doing yoga together:

And playing Corgi tag:

It's hard to believe that that cute little puppy is now all grown up:

The thing about Bear Corgi is that he is EVERYwhere:

Doing EVERYthing:

He's always coming to see what's going on:

Or digging someplace he's not supposed to be:

 Which is probably why he almost always has a slightly guilty expression on his face.

Kyra says there are more pictures of the Wild Nosy Banshee because she is a Corgi Who Minds Her Own Business.

But those who live with her know that she gets involved in EVERY conversation that goes on between Bear and the Five Aforementioned Felines.

There are good reasons behind the nicknames Ka-bear and Kyra Crotchet. :)


Grey Horse Matters said...

They are both beautiful! I like Corgi's a lot just for their personalities. Your two seem to be a couple of characters. And I don't think that's a slightly guilty look he's sort of saying "who me, just look at my innocent face!"

billie said...

A, it's somewhere in between "who, me?" and "uh oh!"

He is a real character - Kyra is her own kind of Corgi self, but Bear sort of broke the mold. He's a fluffy Corgi, obviously, and I'm not sure if the fluffies just tend to me more bouncy or what.

Bear is huge (long and lean) and agile - he jumps like crazy into the air and leaps onto and off of the furniture. His father was a national agility champion, so maybe that's where it comes from.

Matthew C. said...

I just love it when he runs around with the donkey ball!

Kyle Kimberlin said...

Thank you, Billie, for this post. It lifted my spirits! I'm very glad that Kyra and Bear have each other, and they have such an amazing, happy home.

billie said...

Matthew, it still amazes me that he can hold that thing the way he does - it's heavy!

billie said...

Kyle, glad you enjoyed it - I don't think any of us were prepared for how wild and crazy puppyhood is - we had forgotten, including Kyra! It was just what we needed, though, to move us on from losing Chase.