Monday, May 21, 2012

Rafer and Redford - Donkeys Extraordinaire

Rafer Johnson and Redford started out 2012 as puffballs.

Rafer Johnson battled white line disease in both front hooves and won - thanks to a wonderful new trimmer his hooves have now grown out completely healthy again, and he is running around like his regular self.

When she was here last week he lined up to get his feet trimmed first just like always, which made me happy. His trust is something to treasure and maintain, and she has done that with him. He knows who helped him feel better!

Here he is more recently, without some of that winter coat:

And here is Redford donkey, who as you can see, has fully recovered from the slightly nightmare gelding experience and is back to his full of life, full of laughter self.

It's just one hilarious moment after another here on November Hill:


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love that last picture! He looks like he's laughing. They are two very adorable donkey boys.

billie said...

He is! :)