Wednesday, December 14, 2011

lessons in riding, 16: ride the one who comes to the gate

Yesterday I went out and called to Keil Bay to head in for a ride. He was focused on something that didn't seem to be "of this world" - he was staring off into the distance and actually went down to the front fence facing the sun setting and just gazed westward. He does this now and then, and I always wonder what it means. He seems peaceful when he does it. Like he might be remembering something pleasant.

Cody, however, came to the gate and planted himself there, and after a few times of calling Keil Bay to come ride, I listened to what he was saying, listened to what Cody was saying, and rode Cody.

We used the bitless bridle and I enjoyed spending some quiet time in the barn grooming the big red Quarter horse. We had a good ride together.

Unfortunately today was busy for me and I had to let the idea of a ride go. I had an early chiro/massage appointment and a perio appointment in the afternoon. They have fitted me for a "night guard" that is supposed to address some teeth grinding I have apparently been doing. I haven't been aware of the grinding but know I've been clinching my jaw muscles off and on. As they were fitting this monstrosity (they took impressions last week using some soft stuff that changed colors as it dried) it occurred to me that sleeping in one of these might be akin to a certain young donkey having to get used to a grazing muzzle. And I wondered if I took the piece of clear plastic out to show him whether it might make him feel better about that muzzle. I doubt it, but maybe he'll pick up on my sympathetic energy and that will ease the adjustment for both of us.

I had a number of adjustments done today from lower back all the way up to my neck so I HOPE things feel good tomorrow!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Hope you get used to your grinding muzzle, and enjoy your adjustments tomorrow. :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Guess it was Cody's turn today. Wonder what Keil was pondering while looking off.

The chiro sounds like it will make you feel much better by tomorrow. I know those mouth guards take some getting used to, J. wears one at night and sometimes it's missing in the morning. I've got a hunch she takes it out and throws it in her sleep. Good luck with the grinding problem.

billie said...

C, a couple of things were instantly better and today I definitely feel better upon waking. I did not wear the night guard last night - I gave myself one night of respite.

billie said...

A, that is funny about the guard it going missing - they told me yesterday that I might wake up to discover I'd taken it out in the night and if so, not to worry. That that is normal. Can't imagine any of it yet. But happy to have some comradeship in the night guard journey - tell J I will think of her when I put it in tonight! :)

Matthew said...

Love this post!

billie said...

Thanks, Matthew!